20 stories about Diplomacy
Lee Moser AnD Ventures 20 Minute Leaders

“I would say I was always curious about breaking the glass ceiling"

Lee Moser, managing partner and founder of AnD Ventures, talks to Michael Matias about diplomacy, representing Israeli tech overseas, and venture capital
ניל וויגן שגריר בריטניה

U.K. Ambassador to Israel: 80% of the embassy’s activities involve economics

31.03.21|Sophie Shulman
“Most of our time is devoted to technology,” Neil Wigan tells Calcalist. He estimates that Brexit will improve trade between the two countries
מימין ברקת קנפו שי זריבץ' ו אסתי איילון קובו

Israel’s tech envoys identify challenges and opportunities of the post-covid world

30.01.21|Allon Sinai
Bareket Knafo (Romania and Ukraine), Shai Zarivatch (Australia) and Esti Ayalon Kovo (Beijing) discuss the biggest lesson they learned from the pandemic and what they believe will be the trends of 2021
בנימין נתניהו דונלד טראמפ הסכם שלום בין ישראל ל איחוד האמירויות בחריין 9

Inside Israel’s social media campaign to woo the Middle East

A small team based in Israel’s foreign ministry is spearheading an Arabic-language campaign via platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as part of a multi-pronged diplomatic effort to win over popular acceptance
סולטן אחמד בן סוליים יו"ר ומנכ"ל קבוצת  DP World ועידת דובאי

Israel can link Middle East, European ports, DP World chairman says

The UAE recently broke with decades of Arab policy, forging ties with Israel, and looking to form business collaborations in several areas
שגריר הודו India Ambassador to Israel Sanjeev Singla

Indian Ambassador says strategic partnership with Israel is crucial to coping with fundamental disruptions

06.11.20|Allon Sinai
Former Advisor to PM Modi highlights cybersecurity, fintech, health, defense, water, and agriculture as areas for major tech collaboration
תחנת החלל הבינלאומית נאס"א סרט בחלל

20 years on, the ISS remains a shining beacon of human unity

06.11.20|Dov Greenbaum
On a week like this, it’s better to look to the skies for inspiration than to dwell on our earthly divides
סימה גנוואני ווד Sima Ganwani Ved ועידת האמירויות

Israel has amazing companies, we’d be glad to work together, says Emirati CEO

Israel is very big in retail tech, which the UAE needs, says founder of company that operates 1,800 stores
יפעת אורון מנכ"לית לאומיטק לאומי טק

The Israeli spirit of entrepreneurship is a crucial element in the collaboration with UAE

02.11.20|Elihay Vidal
The spirit of Israeli entrepreneurship can help the UAE expand its unique technological ecosystem, says Yifat Oron head of Leumitech
האמירות א־שארקה

There is more to the UAE than Dubai and Abu Dhabi

01.09.20|Doron Peskin
With the normalization agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates many investors and entrepreneurs are setting their sights on the two largest Emirates but the neighboring Sharjah is already gaining momentum
פיני מידן שני איש עסקים שפועל באיחוד האמירויות

“UAE-Israel agreement can be a bridge to normalizing ties with Saudi Arabia”

20.08.20|Diana Bahur Nir
Pini Meidan Shani who represents Israeli cyber companies in the UAE spoke to Calcalist about the practical significance of the deal and other regional peace prospects
עודד יאיר Oded Yair Menuhin

Israel has an untapped resource to help your company take over the world

19.08.20|Oded Yair Menuhin
When trying to break out of their natural habitat, companies should take advantage of an underutilized asset that is free, accessible in their mother tongue, and potentially encapsulates valuable data, resources, and relevant networks-- that's right, meet your embassy
מודיעין 8200 חסוי אנשי צללים צל סודי

Even without diplomatic ties, here’s how 200 Israeli companies are already doing business in the UAE

16.08.20|Omri Milman
With conduit companies and subsidiaries in third countries and a vow of silence regarding their origins, Israeli manufacturers and startups have been selling goods and services to the Persian Gulf country for years
הגעה של ישראלים בית חולים שיבא תל השומר בידוד קורונה הקורונה וירוס נגיף מ יפן ספינת דיימונד פרינסס

Following International Seclusion, Israel’s Corona Cases Reach 50

Eleven new cases were identified on Monday, but only one out of the overall 50 is considered serious. Four patients have already recovered
הנסיך צ'ארלס נפגש עם הנשיא ריבלין

Prince Charles Praises Israeli innovation in the Fields of Medicine, Research, and Science

24.01.20|Elihay Vidal
His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales concluded his two-day visit to Israel in a festive reception held in his honor at the British Ambassador Neil Wigan’s residence in Ramat Gan
שלג ירושלים הכנסייה הרוסית עין כרם

Jerusalem Light Rail New Point of Contention Between Israel and Russia

24.12.19|Udi Etsion
Israel-Russia relations have been fraught with tension since an Israeli backpacker was arrested in April for Marijuana possession during a Moscow layoff
בנימין נתניהו ראש ממשלת הודו נרנדה מודי בשדה התעופה של מומביי

Netanyahu Postponing India Trip, Report Says

08.02.19|Adi Pick
On Tuesday, Israeli news outlet Ynet reported that Netanyahu canceled his meeting with Austrian president Alexander Van der Bellen due to illness
פגישת אידריס דבי נשיא צ'אד בנימין נתניהו ו שרה נתניהו

Netanyahu Flying to Chad to Resume Relations With the Muslim-Majority African Country

28.11.18|Adi Pick
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will fly to N’Djamena, the capital of Chad, to announce the recommencement of diplomatic relations with the Muslim-majority African country