20 stories about Facebook

Welcome to the Metaverse… whether you like it or not

14.11.21|James Spiro
ByondXR has joined CTech to discuss all the ways that tech giants will take us into an ecosystem of virtual existence
Spike Oculus Facebook

Israel’s Spike joins Facebook’s new ‘Metaverse’

31.10.21|James Spiro
Its app works on top of existing email and is available for iPhones, Android devices, desktops, and now the Oculus Quest 2 headset
echoAR Founders

echo3D raises $4 million in Seed to stream AR and VR content

06.10.21|James Spiro
AR and VR devices are expected to rise from just over 7 million units in 2020 to a massive 76 million units in 2024
Nimrod Vax BigID

In today’s data-driven world, “privacy is a marketing tool”

02.07.21|James Spiro
With companies collecting constant data about their customers, BigID’s Co-Founder and Head of Product Nimrod Vax shares how organizations can help build trust
Shirley Amsterdam Facebook

Facebook Israel invites small businesses to its Commerce School

27.06.21|James Spiro
One in three shoppers plan to spend less time in-store even after the pandemic is over, so businesses small and large need to prepare accordingly

The Israeli dilemma: How to react to the G7 corporate tax agreement?

07.06.21|Sophie Shulman
At some point, the startup nation will have to make a choice. Experts weigh in on its options, and possible outcome
פייסבוק טוויטר רשתות חברתיות

Israeli media urges Facebook, Twitter to act on incitement against reporters

"We are certain that Facebook and Twitter would prefer to take reasonable measures now in order to prevent further violence, rather than do nothing and allow for incitement to escalate and lead to physical harm"
עדי סופר תאני

Facebook could face fine after failing to report mergers in Israel

11.05.21|Hagar Ravet
Israel’s Competition Authority announced that it is considering imposing approximately $1.8 million in financial sanctions on Facebook, pending a hearing
עדי סופר תאני

Facebook Israel report: Israeli tech is finally ready to face U.S. consumers

25.04.21|Meir Orbach
After long being considered to be more interested in B2B and B2E models, more and more Israeli companies are turning their attention to selling directly to consumers
Alon Halevy

“It is crucial to social networks to keep the content on the network safe for the users ... doing this manually is impossible”

Michael Matias is joined by Facebook AI’s Alon Halevy, who shares the difficulties of balancing a user’s safety while maintaining one’s freedom of speech
Tomer Aldubi Fighting Online Antisemitism

Battling online Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism is a year-round job

08.04.21|James Spiro
Social Media platforms have long been criticized for allowing, and sometimes encouraging, anti-Semitic posts. Meet the folks trying to hold them accountable
יום השואה

Israeli celebrities use Instagram to connect Gen-Z to Holocaust stories

For 24 hours the feeds of some of Israel’s biggest influencers will be dedicated to stories of heroism as documented in encounters with survivors
אינסטגרם לייט

Israeli product manager takes us behind the scenes of developing Instagram Lite

10.03.21|Allon Sinai
Michelle Lourie and her team put Instagram on a low-data diet to improve service in remote locations
ילד משחק משחק מחשב של EA ספורטס

Who is Israel's newest unicorn and how is Facebook battling Covid-19?

CTech Daily Roundup: The man charged with keeping SolarEdge’s current flowing
רועי אילת פייסבוק ישראל

Facebook’s Israeli-developed surveys aiding in global battle against Covid-19

21.02.21|Allon Sinai
The social media giant has faced its fair share of criticism due to its role in enabling the spread of fake news, but is helping fight the pandemic with its Covid-19 Symptoms Survey used by academics to produce crucial data on symptoms prevalence, mask wearing, vaccination acceptance and more
חיסון נגד קורונה

Ministry of Health waging war on fake news pandemic

09.02.21|Omer Kabir
Thousands of Facebook users are leading an organized campaign against Covid-19 vaccinations with the aim of harming Israel’s national vaccination effort. The Ministry of Health has turned to police and Facebook management, which has already removed one of the anti-vaccine groups
Dog Whistle Online

“Skypes, Skittles, and Yahoos”: Digital Dog Whistles signal new language for online hate

09.02.21|James Spiro
According to University of Haifa professor Gabriel Weimann, online extremists are creating their own language to bypass new rules put in place against hate speech
Jonny Stark Secret TLV

Why did Facebook (again) suspend the popular Israeli group Secret Tel Aviv?

08.02.21|James Spiro
The group, which had more than 320,000 members, had a prominent job board helping people find jobs during Covid-19
מינסוטה וייקינגס נגד ניו אורלינס סיינטס NFL פוטבול

Who raised $280 million at $1.4 billion valuation and is Zionist an offensive term?

CTech Daily Roundup: Covid-19 Big Bang sending trillion-dollar shockwaves through media market