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מימין ניר זוהר מיכה קאופמן שי וינינגר שלומי בן חיים

Israeli software companies thrive amidst macroeconomic transformation

06.08.23|Sophie Shulman
Growth and cash reserves bolstered the bottom line in the financial reports of Wix, Fiverr, JFrog, and even Lemonade
פייבר פתיחת מסחר fiverr

What crisis? Israel's software giants expect double-digit growth in 2023

23.02.23|Sophie Shulman
Wix, Fiverr, and Global-e, which are all traded on Wall Street, presented good results for 2022 and very optimistic growth forecasts for 2023, which sent the shares of all three soaring
ועידת Tech TLV 2022 מיכה קאופמן מייסד משותף ומנכ"ל Fiverr

Fiverr CEO: "We had to downsize. It was the right step to take in a market where growth has become difficult"

30.11.22|Irad Atzmon Schmayer
"I think this crisis is more serious than its predecessors because money has been printed for 10 years," added Micha Kaufman, Founder and CEO of Fiverr
מגזין עצמאות 4.5.22 בכירי ריסקיפייד פותחים את המסחר בניו יורק

The secret behind the surprise success of Monday, Fiverr and Riskified

16.11.22|Sophie Shulman
Israeli-founded SaaS companies published extremely positive results for the third quarter of the year, but they should not necessarily be seen as a signal for continued improvement in 2023
New York Skyline ניו יורק

Report: 85% of American businesses will implement a ‘hiring freeze’ amid ongoing economic downturn

22.08.22|James Spiro
A majority of businesses say they will instead rely on freelance talent to fill in the gaps in their workforce
מיכה קאופמן מנכ"ל Fiverr

Fiverr fires 60 employees as part of a refocus on core business

26.07.22|Sophie Shulman
The NYSE-traded and Israeli-founded online gig marketplace will be laying off around 8% of its workforce. Fiverr shares have fallen by 66% in 2022 and by almost 90% from their peak at the start of 2021
כנס וורק טק הילה קליין Fiverr COO

“Even people with families are turning into digital nomads”

11.05.22|Maya Cohen
Fiverr’s COO Hila Klein was speaking during Calcalist and HiBob’s WorkTech conference. “Now the entire world is a technology hub, and Europe is turning into the new Silicon Valley,” she added
Stoke שחר ארז חיליק פז

Fiverr acquires Israeli freelance management platform Stoke for $95 million

Stoke's platform allows companies to build their own talent directory for both online and offline talent, track budget and milestone completions and provides solutions for tax, legal and workforce classification compliance
מיכה קאופמן מנכ"ל פייבר fiverr

Fiverr expanding online education offering with acquisition of CreativeLive

“Fiverr is more than just a work platform - we fundamentally believe in supporting the entire freelance lifestyle, and that includes professional education and training,” said Micha Kaufman, Founder and CEO of Fiverr
ניר זוהר מיכה קאופמן תום ליבנה רוני זהבי עדי הורוביץ אבי שניר

Filling the Israeli tech talent pool

04.10.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
Tech recruitment has become a nationwide concern, so how do the heads of Wix, Fiverr, and other top companies face the challenge?
אישה מחשב נתונים בזק

Who are Israel’s most in-demand online freelancers?

19.04.21|Maayan Manela
According to analysis conducted by Fiverr, the most in-demand online services were mainly related to digital transformation
מוסף 50 הסטארטאפים המבטיחים מיכה קאופמן מנכל פייבר fiverr

In wake of Covid-19 windfall, Fiverr to raise $700 million at $10 billion valuation

03.03.21|Sophie Shulman
As the employment market fell into disarray, the freelancer marketplace platform thrived, reaching 77% growth
מיכה קאופמן מנכ"ל Fiverr

Fiverr CEO joins Big-tech 50 partnership

08.02.21|Meir Orbach
The R&D tech partnership plans to produce an index with the largest 50 private tech companies in Israel, and allow others to invest in them prior to their being issued to the public or sold
שי וינינגר

Shai Wininger: Lemonade’s leader

The man who helped bring two of Israel’s largest exports to the global stage
פייבר פתיחת מסחר fiverr

You don’t need a global pandemic to disrupt a market

15.11.20|Liron Rose
Tech expert highlights 5 industries that are ripe for a breakout
בורסה נאסד"ק ישראל הייטק חדשנות

11 Israeli-founded startups named Covid Disrupters by the New York–Israel Business Alliance

Guided by data, it monitors economic development activity and trends in the public and private sectors to identify bilateral business growth potential.
ארז שחר קרן קומרה שיחת ועידה בנקאות חדשה

My last board meeting at Fiverr

13.08.20|Erez Shachar
"In the six years on board, I have seen Fiverr grow from a young start-up to a mature and inspiring company," writes Shachar
מימין סיון שמרי דהן דניאל סלוצקי  ארז שחר ו בועז דינטי שותפים בקורמה קפיטל

Qumra Capital Sells $80 Million in Holdings to StepStone Group

07.05.20|Meir Orbach
Among the companies whose holdings were sold to StepStone are Fiverr, JFrog, AppsFlyer, Riskified, and Minute Media
וידאו פגישה עבודה מהבית שיחת ועידה בוידאו 1

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Zoom Adviser?

01.04.20| Maayan Manela
The Covid-19 pandemic has given rise to a new service. The director of the career center at Israel’s Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya thinks Zoom experts will find a permanent position in post-coronavirus organizations