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?Can technology prevent the next pandemic

Executives from the WHO, IBM and Johnson & Johnson weigh in: Can technology prevent the next pandemic?

01.10.20|Start-Up Nation Central, a CTech partner
Global, open-source collaboration among governments, public health bodies and researchers will likely provide the gateway to a forthcoming vaccine, and to better pandemic tracking, containment and treatment, experts say
 Dr. Michal Rosen-Zvi

Wikipedia is the perfect Covid-19 datasource, says IBM research director for healthcare informatics

06.09.20|James Spiro
Ahead of speaking at Startup Nation Central’s ‘The New Digital Age’ online conference, Dr. Michal Rosen-Zvi spoke with CTech about how data can be collected now to help us in the future
דניאל מלכה  מנכ"ל IBM ישראל כנס פינטק 2019

IBM Israel Moves to Work-From-Home Model

11.03.20|Meir Orbach
IBM Israel currently employs some 2,000 employees in five different sites throughout the country
סייבר טק 2020 לימור קסם

CTalk: Ransomware Attackers Threaten to Leak Data, Says IBM Security Advisor

Limor Kessem, an executive security advisor at IBM, spoke to CTech reporter Adi Pick at the CyberTech Global conference taking place in Tel Aviv this week
יוסי טל Citi Innovation

Joseph (Yossi) Tal | Citigroup, Head of Tel Aviv Cybersecurity Lab

Citigroup has recently appointed Tal to lead its Global Cyber Security Innovation Lab in Tel Aviv
מנכ"ל IBM ישראל דניאל מלכה ומנכ"ל כיל רביב צולר

The Legal Battle Between IBM Israel and ICL Escalates

23.12.19|Tzally Greenberg
In December 2018, ICL filed a lawsuit against IBM Israel, alleging a project it commissioned from the latter caused it $300 million in damages. IBM contested the claims
ועידת Mind the tech TLV ד"ר איה סופר

CTalk: IBM Exec Explains What it Takes to Trust Decisions Made by AI

CTech reporter Adi Pick spoke with Aya Soffer, IBM’s vice president of artificial intelligence technology, during Calcalist’s Mind the Tech conference held in Tel Aviv Monday
מוסף הדסה עין כרם בית חולים ירושלים

Hadassah and IBM's Jerusalem Medtech Accelerator Graduates First Cohort

29.10.19|Adi Pick
The accelerator consists of a six months program for seed and early-stage medtech startups
דניאל מלכה  מנכ"ל IBM ישראל כנס פינטק 2019

Only Organizations Adapted to the Digital Revolution Will Survive, Says IBM Israel CEO

25.06.19|Meir Orbach
Daniel Melka spoke Monday at a fintech conference held in Tel Aviv by Calcalist, Bank Leumi’s tech banking arm LeumiTech, and accounting firm KPMG
נתיבי איילון נחסמו לשני הכיוונים בגלל עלייה במפלס המים נתיבי איילון מכיוון עזריאלי

IBM to Lay Off Dozens of Employees in Tel Aviv Development Center

23.05.19|Hagar Ravet
IBM currently employs some 2,000 people in five locations in Israel, and the downsizing is part of a global reorganization push the company is undergoing
סייברארק הנפקה בבורסת ניו יור

CyberArk Taps Former Palo Alto Networks, IBM Executive

06.03.19|Adi Pick
The Israeli information security company appointed Rich Wenning to the role of vice president of North American sales
מבנה ה תעשיה של אזורים ב קריית אריה פתח תקוה IBM בניין אי בי אם

IBM Israel Files $51 Million Countersuit Against Israel Chemicals

05.03.19|Lital Dobrovitsky
In December, the Israel-based chemical company sued IBM for $300 million, claiming the computing company was responsible for the failure of a 2012 project ICL had commissioned from it
גבי זודיק IBM ישראל

IBM Appoints Gabi Zodik to Lead its Global Blockchain Research Strategy

04.03.19|Adi Pick
Zodik has been working at IBM’s offices in Haifa for over two decades
יוחנן לוקר יו"ר כיל ועידת אנרגיה 2018

IBM Contests $300 Million Lawsuit by Israel Chemicals

28.01.19|Lital Dobrovitsky
In a lawsuit filed in December to Tel Aviv district court, ICL alleged a project it commissioned from IBM caused it $300 million in damages
יוחנן לוקר יו"ר כיל ועידת אנרגיה 2018

IBM Israel Sued by Israel Chemicals for $300 Million

03.12.18|Lital Dobrovitsky
In a lawsuit filed Monday to Tel Aviv district court, ICL alleges a project it commissioned from IBM caused it $300 million in damages
הפגנה הפגנת מחאת ה להט"ב חוק ה פונדקאות עזריאלי 3

Apple Hops on LGBT Support Wagon in Israel

22.07.18|Lilach Baumer
Crowds are currently marching in several Israeli cities, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, in protest of ongoing government discrimination against the LGBT community
IBM בינה מלאכותית Project Debater

CTech's Wednesday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

In second AI-human showdown, IBM's Debater outwitted. Direct radio contact with stranded Thai group still unattained, Israeli technology vendor says
בינה מלאכותית Project Debater IBM

In Second AI-Human Showdown, IBM's Debater Outwitted

04.07.18|Lilach Baumer and Yoav Stoler
IBM's Project Debater, unveiled last month in a debate-style event in San Francisco, was developed at the company's Israeli research center
הקאתון לב

First Aid Bracelet Wins First Place at Orthodox, Women-Only Hackathon

28.06.18|Lilach Baumer
Intel and IBM were among the tech companies to pose challenges for 106 participants at the two-day Jerusalem event