20 stories about Iran
Ron Abelski

Israeli technology saved us from the Iranians. So why isn't the Israeli government saving our technology?

30.05.24|Adv. Ron Abelski
"The Israeli government should be heavily investing in financing local start-ups with additional matching programs aimed at foreign investors, and providing State-backed guarantees to protect such investments from the effects of geo-political events," writes Adv. Ron Abelski
דגלי סין איראן

"Israel definitely needs to reconsider its strategy towards China"

29.04.24|Yuval Sadeh
Sinologist Dr. Uri Sela discusses how China's support for Iran and Palestinians is part of its fight with the Americans rather than Israel, and why Israel would be wise not to seek a fight with China
באיראן משדרים שגרה באספהאן. מתוך שידורי הטלוויזיה

Israel strikes Iran; explosions heard in Isfahan

Explosions also heard in areas of Iraq and Syria; Israel notifies U.S. ahead of launching attack according to American officials; Israel makes no official comment while Home Front Command makes no changes to civilian conduct
טהראן טהרן איראן שלט חוצות טילים

Iran's regime celebrates, but citizens' anxiety grows

18.04.24|Doron Peskin
Following their attack on Israel, the Iranian regime is projecting a sense of success and accomplishment which is not felt by the public, who fear the consequences of a war with Israel and crippling sanctions
 מטוס אף 35 חמקן F35 בישראל  35 F-35  f

From nuclear sites to cyber attack: Israel's options in retaliating against Iran

16.04.24|CTech and Ynet
IDF Chief has promised a response to Iran’s attack against Israel. What are Israel’s possibilities?
איראן מתקפה איראנית טילים בשמי ירושלים הר הבית 14.4.24

Iran attacks Israel with over 300 drones, missiles; 99% intercepted

14.04.24|CTech and Ynet
Israel is weighing its response to the unprecedented attack, with Prime Minister Netanyahu and US President Joe Biden speaking early Sunday morning
הקברניט חמאס רקטות כיפת ברזל

Israel on high alert amid fears of Iranian retaliation

The Israeli military halts leave for combat units amid concerns of a possible escalation following the killing of Iranian generals in Damascus, with heightened alertness and deployment of reserves and increased security measures nationwide
שיבושים ב ווייז WAZE 4.4.24

GPS disruptions hit central Israel as country braces for potential Iranian retaliation

04.04.24|Elihay Vidal
Residents of central Israel have reported that navigation apps like Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps are mistakenly locating them in the Beirut area
המנהיג העליון של איראן עלי חמינאי

Meta suspends Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s Facebook and Instagram accounts

Meta has removed the accounts for “repeatedly violating” its “Dangerous Organizations & Individuals policy.” Khamenei has called to wipe Israel off the map numerous times and praised the horrific October 7 attack by Palestinian terror group Hamas
סייבר איראן סייבר איראני

Microsoft uncovers extensive Iranian AI-based cyber ops against Israel amid Gaza war

07.02.24|Omer Kabir
“Amid the rising potential of a widening war, we expect Iranian influence operations and cyberattacks will continue to be more targeted, more collaborative and more destructive,” warned Microsoft’s report
מתקפת סייבר האקר האקרים אבטחת מחשבים

Over 15 cyber attack groups affiliated with Iran, Hezbollah or Hamas are operating against Israel, says National Cyber Directorate

25.12.23|Omer Kabir
According to a report published by the National Cyber Directorate summarizing the cyber events since the beginning of the war, their main targets include academia, healthcare, water, energy, fuel, transportation and maritime shipping sectors
האקר האקרים פריצה פריצת מחשב

How Iran used social media to stoke tensions between Israelis

20.12.23|Omer Kabir
An investigation by the Fake Reporter organization reveals that since 2021, a foreign network with ties to Iran has been operating in Israel, spreading lies, incitement and hate on social media, using dozens of fake profiles and impersonating real people to sow division
תחנת דלק טהרן איראן

Israeli hackers claim responsibility for shutting down 70% of Iran gas stations in cyber attack

18.12.23|Omer Kabir
A pro-Israeli hacker group called ‘The Predatory Sparrow’ claims to have succeeded in shutting down most gas stations in the country, confirmed by Iranian and international media.
שלט חוצות פרו פלסטיני ברחובות טהרן איראן

Iran and Hezbollah were behind cyberattack on Israeli hospital, says National Cyber Directorate

18.12.23|Omer Kabir
A joint investigation revealed that the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence’s Agrius and Hezbollah’s Lebanese Cedar were behind the cyber attack on Ziv Medical Center at the end of November, in which 300,000 patient records were stolen
המנהיג העליון ב איראן עלי חמינאי

Iranian hackers attempt to damage critical infrastructure through Israeli Unitronics products

03.12.23|Viki Auslender
According to a joint warning from American and Israeli cyber security agencies, since November 22, a group linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards has attacked Israeli company Unitronics devices which are used to control and automate machines.

Iranian-backed cyberattackers have struck Israeli tech companies and educational institutions

06.11.23|Omer Kabir
Palo Alto Networks conducted an investigation but did not disclose the identity of the victims of the attackers, the extent or scope, or the type of information stolen and deleted.
מלחמת עזה תקיפות תקיפת צהל צה"ל ב רצועת עזה חרבות ברזל  10.10.23

Gaza war could cost global economy $1 trillion

17.10.23|Yarden Rozanski
The expansion of the war between Israel and Hamas to multiple fronts, including Iran, could raise the price of oil from $90 to $150 per barrel, push inflation higher, and cut global GDP
הגנה מפני מתקפת סייבר עשויה לחסוך לארגונים נזקים כלכליים עצומים

Israel’s National Cyber Directorate says Iran is behind the attack on the Technion

07.03.23|Omer Kabir
According to the Directorate, the attack on the Technion's computer systems about three weeks ago was carried out by a group known as MuddyWater, which is affiliated with Iran's Ministry of Intelligence