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עו"ד יוסף ספי זינגר יו"ר רשות ני"ע

Israeli securities watchdog heads to US to reassure investors amid Gaza war fallout

"We believe there is an opportunity in Israel that after the war the economy will grow. The same thing happened in past wars or military campaigns in Israel the last two decades,” said Seffy Zinger, who recently took over the helm at the Israel Securities Authority
CTech The Next Generation of Financial Innovation Inbal Polak

The way Israeli merchants do business is about to change - here’s how

27.06.23|James Spiro
Inbal Polak, Director of the Investment Department at the Israel Securities Authority, spoke to CTech about how a recent law will change the way Israel works with the world
ענת גואטה יו"ר רשות ני"ע כנס פינטק  וידאו

“Moody's announcement is an opportunity to rethink our path,” says outgoing chairperson of Securities Authority

18.04.23|Zvi Zerahia
Anat Guetta added that "ignoring possible risks to the stability of the corporate governance of the State of Israel undermines confidence in the Israeli market among investors”
מימין שר האוצר ישראל כץ ויו"ר הרשות לניירות ערך ענת גואטה

Israeli Securities Authority to supervise fintech companies in the payments sector

27.05.21|Irit Avisar
Finance Minister Israel Katz adopted the ministry’s recommendations to have the Authority supervise innovative payment financial services as well as open banking. Large fintech bodies and digital wallets will remain under the Bank of Israel’s supervision
מימין גיל דויטש ו רוני בירם

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange gearing up for its first SPAC offering

21.03.21|Golan Hazani
The founders of the Excellence Nessuah investment house are in advanced negotiations with the Israel Securities Authority to make Israel the second country after the U.S. to enable Special Purpose Acquisition Companies
ענת גואטה זירת ההשקעות חדש

Cryptocurrency tokens are securities not assets, rules Israel Securities Authority

03.01.21|Viki Auslender
Israeli startup Kirobo unsuccessfully tried to convince the ISA that it will be issuing a utility token rather than a security token and therefore should not be subject to the same regulations
מגזין 100 המשפיעים 24.9.19 ענת גואטה

IPOs booming on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange thanks to Covid-19

About 30 firms filed to list on the TASE in the third quarter, a level unmatched since before the 2008 global financial crisis and up from 23 for all of 2019
default image

Is the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange finally ready to become Israel’s Nasdaq?

10.09.20|Sophie Shulman
"The paradigm in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is shifting. After 2020 this will no longer be an exchange of real estate and finance companies, but of technology firms," says Guy Preminger, an assurance partner and technology leader at PwC Israel
default image

Israel’s securities and innovation authorities team up to launch ‘Data Sandbox’

09.06.20|Meir Orbach
The initiative is set to promote the activity of fintech companies in Israel as part of the ISA's strategy to modernize the Israeli stock market
ועידת התחזיות 31.12.19 ציפי גז מנהלת מחלקת החקירות של רשות ני"ע

Tech Advancement Is a Must to Keep Up With Crime, Says Israel Securities Authority Lawyer

01.01.20|Billy Frenkel
Zippi Gez, the director of the ISA’s investigations, intelligence, and market surveillance department, spoke at Calcalist’s Forecasts 2020 conference held Tuesday in Tel Aviv
כנס שוק ההון 2019 ענת גואטה יושב ראש רשות לניירות ערך

Resignation Wave of Finance Executives the Result of Extraneous Regulation, Says ISA Chair

03.07.19|Naomi Zoref
Anat Guetta, the chairwoman of the Israel Securities Authority, spoke Wednesday at Calcalist’s annual Capital Markets Conference in Tel Aviv
הבורסה לניירות ערך רחוב אחוזת בית תל אביב

TASE IPO Vision Leads CEO to Clash With Regulator

10.06.19|Raheli Bindman
TASE CEO Ittai Ben-Zeev wants to offer shares in the exchange exclusively to the general public, but the Israel Securities Authority has not approved the model
תל אביב בורסה Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Israeli Securities Watchdog Goes After Blockchain-Touting Solar Energy Company

05.02.19|Tzally Greenberg
In 2017, Tel Aviv-listed Apollo announced a successful experiment in harnessing surplus solar energy to power crypto-mining machines, leading it to jump 38% on the exchange before divulging its system was not actually at a capacity to do so
הוועידה הכלכלית הלאומית 2018 ענת גואטה יו"ר רשות ניירות ערך

Israel Securities Authority Ponders Waving Requirement for Hebrew-Language Reports

09.12.18|Racheli Bindman
Unless dually listed in Israel and elsewhere, companies listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange are currently required to file reports in Hebrew
הוועידה הכלכלית הלאומית 2018 ענת גואטה יו"ר רשות ניירות ערך

Regulator to Try and Make Israeli Brokerage Market More Competitive

05.09.18|Raheli Bindman
Speaking at Calcalist’s National Economic Conference, Israel Securities Authority Chairwoman Anat Guetta said the authority’s strategy is to encourage businesses like JP Morgan to enter the local market
בורסה בורסת תל אביב 6

Israeli Regulator Issues Warning About Two Algorithmic Trading Firms

13.07.18|Tomer Ganon
Emerald Base Ltd., which represents Trade Station Ltd. in Israel, and TradeStation Securities Inc. have not received regulatory approval from the Israel Securities Authority
בורסה בורסת תל אביב

Israeli Regulator Stalls Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Sale

13.06.18|Racheli Bindman and Dror Reich
In a letter to Tel Aviv Stock Exchange CEO Ittai Ben-Zeev, regulator Anat Guetta said she requires more time before she can approve the sale of the exchange to Australian firm Manikay
בורסה בורסת תל אביב 6

Past Probe May Affect Review of Announced Buyer of Tel Aviv Exchange Stake

22.04.18|Golan Hazani
In 2013, Australian investment firm Manikay was fined by the SEC following a probe into the affairs of 23 companies
בורסה בורסת תל אביב

Israeli Regulator Piles Pressure on Companies Latching to Crypto Hype

12.04.18|Dror Reich
Requests for clarification by the Israeli regulator sent local companies rushing to get their filings straight
דוד גרנות ממלא מקום יו"ר בזק

Caving to Shareholder Demand, Bezeq Expedites Annual Meeting to April

25.03.18|Lilach Baumer
The identity of the board has been at the core of a recent power struggle between the telecom’s controlling stakeholder, the board and some of the shareholders