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ברק עילם מנכ"ל נייס

Why did NICE shares drop 13% after the CEO announced his retirement?

19.05.24|Sophie Shulman
The main concern of NICE investors is that Eilam is retiring at its peak. GenAI is expected to have critical consequences specifically for the world of marketing, sales, and customer relationship management, presenting a formidable challenge for the next CEO 
ברק עילם מנכ"ל נייס

NICE CEO Barak Eilam to step down after 10 years

16.05.24|Sophie Shulman
Eilam will remain in his position as CEO until the end of the year and will actively participate in the search for his replacement
ועידת ניו יורק  ברק עילם מנכ"ל נייס וידאו

NICE CEO: "We won't see an economic improvement until we see a change in leadership"

05.03.24|Omer Kabir
Barak Eilam, CEO of NICE, spoke at Calcalist and Bank Leumi’s Mind the Tech Conference in New York. "When the current generation in their 30s and 40s reach leadership positions in the government, things will change for the better"
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"AI has become an overarching catalyst unlocking multiple vectors of growth," says NICE CEO after company beats forecasts

22.02.24|Meir Orbach
In the fourth quarter, the Israeli software company recorded 10% growth in revenue to $623 million, along with a profit of $2.36 per share, above market expectations. The cloud activity generated revenues of $429 million
קו רקיע מרכז תל אביב Tel Aviv Business Center

These are Israel's five most valuable tech companies entering 2024

Mobileye, Check Point, Nice,, and CyberArk head the list of the Israeli tech firms with the highest market cap after weathering a stormy 2023, reaching a total value of $83.5 billion
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NICE acquiring AI-driven proactive outreach provider LiveVox for $350 million

04.10.23|Sophie Shulman
LiveVox, which has an AI product portfolio centered on proactive customer engagement, was merged into a SPAC at a valuation of $840 million in 2021, but has since seen its share price slump
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Nice going: Nice presents promising quarter, positive annual forecast

17.08.23|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli software company concluded the second quarter with a 10% growth in revenues to $581.1 million, with revenues from cloud activity jumping by 23%
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NICE CEO: "Every conversation with investors starts with the madness of the Israeli government"

27.04.23|Diana Bahur-Nir
Barak Eilam discusses the existential threat the judicial coup poses to Israeli tech and why AI could be a huge growth engine for the company
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The Israeli government hereby declares war on… Israeli high-tech

21.02.23|Barak Eilam
Barak Eilam, the CEO of NICE, calls on the government to go through some deep soul searching and quickly reverse their decisions, for the prosperity of a strong Israel
מגזין עצמאות 4.5.22 בכירי ריסקיפייד פותחים את המסחר בניו יורק

The secret behind the surprise success of Monday, Fiverr and Riskified

16.11.22|Sophie Shulman
Israeli-founded SaaS companies published extremely positive results for the third quarter of the year, but they should not necessarily be seen as a signal for continued improvement in 2023
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Nice CEO: "We have $1.5 billion and many opportunities for acquisitions"

19.08.22|Meir Orbach
The enterprise software company said that its second quarter total revenues increased 16.1% to $530.6 million while its gross profit for Q2 was $365.7 million
Itai Brezis ActiveFence

ActiveFence appoints Itai Brezis as EVP of Corporate Development and Strategy

30.12.21|James Spiro
Before joining ActiveFence, Brezis was VP of Strategy at NICE where he led the digital transformation and transition of NICE to the cloud
מטה חברת נייס מערכות רעננה Nice

NICE becomes Israel’s highest valued company thanks to cloud revenue spike

08.08.21|Hezi Sternlicht
The company reached a valuation of around $17 billion following the release of its second-quarter report which showcased a 16% rise in revenue
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Potential NSO Deal Will See Francisco Partners Take a Big Bite Out of Verint

29.05.18|Sophie Shulman and Golan Hazani
Despite registering a billion dollars in annual sales in the last three years, Verint comes to the merger as the weaker side
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NICE Systems Buys Workforce Optimization Company Workflex

16.10.17|Yoav Stoler
Workflex technology will be integrated with NICE's workforce optimization software