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הוועידה הלאומית הכלכלית סם סלמאן יו"ר ושותף מייסד Huminn

"Let's champion what we can do here in Israel to scale things"

12.07.22|James Spiro
Sam Salman, Founder of Huminn, spoke at Calcalist’s National Economic Conference about some of the ways Israeli companies can scale up to become giants
צחי מרקור

“We are moving in the direction of an autonomous world managed by computers”

12.07.22|Raphael Kahan
Entrepreneur and philanthropist Tsahi Merkur was speaking at the Calcalist and Bank Leumi National Economic Conference and addressed a wide range of topics such as future business models, autonomous vehicles and the rising real-estate prices
הוועידה הלאומית הכלכלית עמרי מורגנשטרן מנכ"ל Agoda

“We are doing everything we can to allow more people to take holidays"

12.07.22|Lior Weinstein
“The best tip I can give companies is to be sensitive and empathetic,” Omri Morgenshtern, CEO of international tourism giant Agoda, told the audience at Calcalist and Bank Leumi’s National Economic Conference
הוועידה הלאומית הכלכלית פאנל מדינת ההייטק מחשבת מסלול מחדש מימין תום ליבנה איה פטרבורג אור עופר אור לנצ'נר נדב צפריר וכתב כלכליסט מאיר אורבך

"Israel has a solid technological base that will continue to carry it in the next decade"

12.07.22|Doron Broitman
Nadav Zafrir, co-founder and Managing Partner of Team8, was speaking in a panel with Or Offer, CEO of Similarweb, Aya Peterburg, Managing Partner at S Capital, Tom Livne, CEO and founder of Verbit, and Or Lenchner, CEO of Bright Data
הוועידה הלאומית הכלכלית אורי גבאי מנכ"ל מכון המחקר והמדיניות Start Up nation policy institute

“We are anticipating non-trivial layoffs in the Israeli high-tech sector that will lead to pay cuts”

11.07.22|Sophie Shulman
Uri Gabai, CEO of the Start-Up Nation Policy Institute was speaking at the National Economic Conference organized by Calcalist and Bank Leumi