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לוויין של חברת אסטרוסקייל

Astroscale, Orbit Fab are helping refuel satellites in space, clean up space junk

13.01.22|Yafit Ovadia
Customers can launch large satellites into space that can later be refueled mid-orbit. “We’re helping clean up space debris,” says head of Astroscale-Israel
שלי ברנסוויק

“Space will be the dominant economy in the next 20 or 30 years”

29.01.21|Yafit Ovadia
During Israeli Space Week event entrepreneurs, scientists, and educators gather to discuss the impacts of the space sector, which is expected to become a $1-$3 trillion industry
אבי בלסברגר

Ahead of Israeli Space Week, ISA director reveals country’s goals for the great beyond

22.01.21|Yafit Ovadia
“Investing in space tech startups is important, despite the fact that the time to go to market is longer and the risks are higher,” says Avi Blasberger
בראשית נחיתה ירח

“Israel is going back to the Moon,” announces SpaceIL co-founder

13.12.20|Yafit Ovadia
Beresheet 2, Israel’s second attempt at a lunar lander is set to launch in 2024