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ריצ'רד פרנסיס מנכ"ל טבע החדש על רקע  אתר חברת טבע בכפר סבא

Teva expects lower profits in 2024 despite a strong Q4 performance

"We are gaining momentum, and now it's about executing as we did in 2023 in 2024," said CEO Richard Francis
ד״ר צחון בנטואיץ׳ מייסד משותף של קיוריס Quris AI

Pharma giant Merck expands collaboration with Quris-AI

28.09.23|Meir Orbach
This follows the successful initial collaboration, a preclinical study to assess Quris-AI’s ability to predict drug toxicity in comparison to traditional in vitro and in vivo approaches
ריצ'רד פרנסיס מנכ"ל טבע החדש על רקע  אתר חברת טבע בכפר סבא

Teva profit plummets, stock slides

Teva plans to unveil a new strategy next week which CEO Francis said would "build on Teva's strong foundations, key strengths, and sets the stage for long-term growth"
וירוס וירוסים חיידק חיידקים בקטריות

Biomica raises $20 million for microbiome-based therapeutics

The Israeli company's drug candidates are based on a rationally designed consortia of microbes, selected through high-resolution functional microbiome analysis
מוח Brain Medtech

New treatment aiming to reduce suicidality in Bipolar Disorder

28.11.22|James Spiro
American-Israeli company NRx is currently undergoing a trial that combines two kinds of compounds hoping to reduce the negative side effects of current medicine
BioRaptor Team

“People working on technologies for humanity should have the best tools possible”

BioRaptor recently raised $3 million in Seed to generate actionable scientist-friendly insights
תמונה קבוצתית עובדי סקופיו

Scopio Labs raises $50 million Series C for digital microscope

09.02.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli company's device creates new information that was not available until now thanks to the development of advanced computational photography technology that allows for the first time a fast scan of large surfaces at the highest resolution in the world
שי פוליקר מנכל MEDX Xelerator

U.S. pharma giant West to invest in Israeli incubator MEDX Xelerator

"Israel is well known as one of the world’s centers of medical innovation and MEDX’s senior management has a proven track record," said Scott Young, VP of Research at West
טיילורמד TailorMed מייסדי טיילור מד אדם סיטון ו שרוליק דבורסקי

TailorMed collaborates with AllianceRx Walgreens Prime to reduce patient costs

The Israeli company will help one of the U.S.’s largest specialty and home delivery pharmacies to quickly identify financial assistance programs for patients at risk of not affording specialty medications
קור שולץ מנכ"ל חברת טבע תרופות 23.8.20

What’s behind the timed resurgence of lawsuits against Teva?

28.08.20|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli pharmaceutical giant was hit with three legal blows over the course of a few days
קאר שולץ מנכל טבע

Teva neck-deep in legal trouble with no end in sight

20.08.20|Sophie Shulman
Each new court case is revealing that the company walked the grey line on its path to remarkable success
קור שולץ קאר שולץ מנכ"ל טבע מסיבת עיתונאים בורסה לניירות ערך

Teva stock plummets by double figures on back of U.S. government kickback lawsuit

18.08.20|CTech and Sophie Shulman
The Department of Justice accuses Israeli drugmaker of using kickbacks to boost sales of its multiple sclerosis drug Copaxone, as well as causing the submission of false claims to Medicare
מימין ניר אברהם איריס בינקוביץ' רון מירון Innocan

Israeli cannabis company InnoCan raises $3.7 million

InnoCan focuses on the development of several drug delivery platforms combining cannabidiol (“CBD”) with other pharmaceutical ingredients
מפעל טבע נתניה

Israeli court documents reveal worrying details on Teva’s decision to acquire Mexico’s Rimsa

08.06.20|Sophie Shulman
Classified documents show that Teva's board of directors didn't even dedicate a full meeting to the acquisition
default image

Phage Therapies Company BiomX Raises $32 Million

20.02.19|Amarelle Wenkert
BiomX develops customized therapies based on bacteriophages—viruses that invade bacterial cells and can be used to treat infections
קאר שולץ מנכל טבע

Teva Falls in Pre-Market Following Low-Profit Forecasts for 2019

13.02.19|Lilach Baumer
The drugmaker forecasts revenues of $17 billion to 17.4 billion for 2019, much lower than analyst expectations
חממה של BOL קנאביס

Israeli Parliament Greenlights Cannabis Export, Pending Government Approval

26.12.18|Tzally Greenberg
The reform, meant to allow the export of medical cannabis farmed and processed in Israel, passed in the Israeli Parliament Tuesday
חקר DNA מעבדה

Lonza Opens Israeli Innovation Center

20.11.18|Lilach Baumer
The company announced plans for the center in 2017, stating it is looking to tap Israel's tech talent
קאר שולץ מנכל טבע

Teva Investors Are Back on the Rollercoaster

27.09.18|Lilach Baumer
The stock of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. fell over 11% on NYSE between September 20 and Thursday, bringing a halt to a nearly two weeks rally