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עובדי SISENSE סייסנס

Business intelligence startup Sisense hit by cyber attack

11.04.24|Meir Orbach and Reuters
The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) urged Sisense's customers to reset passwords and other credentials that may have been exposed to or used to access Sisense's services and to report any suspicious activity
עובדי SISENSE סייסנס

Business intelligence unicorn Sisense sacking 13% of workforce in second round of layoffs in six months

11.01.24|Meir Orbach
Sisense has seen its team shrink by half since 2022, with 60 jobs now set to be cut after 100 employees were let go last July
Ayala Michelson

Sisense appoints Ayala Michelson Chief Product Officer and General Manager of its Israeli operation

Michelson, who is joining from Gloat, will guide Sisense’s overarching product strategy with an emphasis on product-led growth
עובדים בחברת סייסנס sisense

Software unicorn Sisense sacks 100 employees, 15% of workforce

11.07.23|Sophie Shulman
The current layoffs are another shock in a long series of negative developments at Sisense, beginning with the departure of senior executives last year and followed by relatively small-scale layoffs and a halt in recruitment
Amir Ariel Sisense

Sisense announces promotion of Ariel Katz to CEO

27.04.23|James Spiro
Former CEO and Chairman Amir Orad will serve as Executive Chairman of the Board
Ariel Katz Sisense

Microsoft veteran Ariel Katz appointed as Sisense Chief Products and Technology Officer and the General Manager of Israel

Katz was previously part of the senior management team at Microsoft's development center in Israel and served as the site's Chief Technology Officer
כנס פורום היוניקורנס 2022 אמיר אורעד, מנכ"ל Sisense בשיחה עם סופי שולמן וידאו

"In the last two years people were measured by their dreams, and the size of the dream was the size of the valuation"

29.06.22|Doron Broitman
Sisense CEO Amir Orad was speaking at the Unicorns Forum sponsored by Calcalist and Discount Bank. He added that the biggest challenge for Israeli high-tech is the shortage of workers: "My workers in Canada are much cheaper than in Tel Aviv, so it is much easier to recruit them and that is a pity”
עולים על רכבת חילוץ ב קייב

Russia-Ukraine conflict presenting Israeli tech with real-world challenges

27.02.22|Sophie Shulman
While the world’s eyes are glued to the news, Israeli high-tech companies with centers in the Ukraine attempt to move hundreds of their workers out of the country
Amir Orad Sisense 20

“In business, dreams can be achieved with the right north star and team around you”

Though he is a builder at heart, Amir Orad, CEO of Sisense, says that he’s learned the best way to build things is with a great team and a business around you
EOY Part 2

Execs share what it takes to be a tech CEO

14.12.21|James Spiro
Management from the Israeli tech sector share some of their insights and how they became top of their field
Sisense Gilad Katz

Sisense appoints Gilad Katz as Senior Vice President, Engineering

05.08.21|James Spiro
“I look forward to helping Sisense continue to expand and develop leading technologies that transform businesses around the world,” Katz said
Sisense Amir Orad

“I believe that every application on the planet will be smarter or irrelevant”

11.06.21|James Spiro
Sisense CEO Amir Orad joins CTech to talk about the future of work in a data-driven world
אשלי קרמר סייסנס

Tips for women eyeing the AI industry

24.03.21|Ashley Kramer
"Women should be fearless in their pursuit and don’t get discouraged if they're the only woman in the room," writes Ashley Kramer, Chief Product & Marketing Officer for Sisense
כריסטיאנו רונלדו נגד אתלטיקו מדריד ליגת האלופות 2019

Which Israeli company is helping soccer players exercise their ‘mind muscles’ and why are the Chinese invading Ashdod?

CTech Daily Roundup: Israeli unicorn Sisense adopting new approach towards work post-Covid-19 shakeup
אביעד הראל מנכל סייסנס ישראל

Israeli unicorn Sisense adopting new approach towards work post-Covid-19 shakeup

11.10.20|Sophie Shulman
The startup, which is considering an IPO in the coming year, has come up with an innovative vision for work that includes a different type of approach towards the relationship between employers and employees
Liron Prizant Sisense

In a post-Covid-19 world, Sisense’s HR Manager asks: what does success look like?

Continuing our series on how HR Teams pivoted in a post-Covid-19 world, Sisense’s HR Manager Liron Prizant talks to CTech about how the company adapted to prepare for the future of work
מיתון האטה שפל כלכלי קורונה

What Does ‘Most Promising’ Mean When it Comes to Startups in the Covid-19 Age?

01.05.20|Hagar Ravet and Meir Orbach
Calcalist reporters Hagar Ravet and Meir Orbach break down the considerations for compiling this year’s list of Israel’s top 50 startups
סייסנס רוכשת את פריסקופ

Israeli Tech Companies Sisense and Singular Firing Scores of Employees

23.04.20|Meir Orbach
Software unicorn Sisense says layoff of 80 workers, 20 of them in Israel, is part of the company’s strategy for the lean times ahead
אמיר אורעד מנכל סייסנס ועידת Mind The Tech

Valuation Is a Milestone, Not a Cause for Celebration, Says Sisense CEO

09.02.20|Sophie Shulman
A hot minute after Sisense joined the unicorn club, CEO Amir Orad explains why it took the company 15 years to catch on, why he is in no hurry to go public, and how his product helps Netflix, Tinder, and Indiana’s organ donor network optimize their operations
אמיר אורעד מנכ"ל Sisense ועידת ניו יורק 2019

Sisense In the Process of Raising a $100 Million Round Led by Insight Partners

09.01.20|Golan Hazani
The round is being raised according to a company valuation of $1.1 billion; Insight Partners has been making headlines this week with a series of deals involving Israeli companies