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Testing 1,2,3: Speak makes language proficiency as easy as A,B,C

10.04.22|Yonatan Sredni
Frustrated that his English was not up to par when he entered the high tech world after his IDF service, Eitan Noiman co-founded “Speak”, simplifying English language proficiency testing for all
עמית רפפורט מנכ"לית קומפיט

Compete is helping companies win the battle over talent

28.02.22|Yafit Ovadia
The husband-and-wife founders are rethinking human resources recruitment practices by streaming their insight-laden platform to tech companies, helping them gain a competitive edge in the job market
Nadav Arbel Dudu Jansenson CYREBRO

As Russia-Ukraine violence escalates, CYREBRO’s security efforts cross the digital into the physical

24.02.22|James Spiro
The company, which usually helps clients with their cybersecurity needs, is facing its second crisis in its second country in its second year
זוהר פוקס מנכ"ל אורורה מעבדות

Aurora Labs fighting recalls by optimizing automotive software development

20.02.22|Yafit Ovadia
The Israeli company’s vehicle software intelligence platform utilizes AI to improve car software quality, safety and security
צבי שרייבר מנכ"ל פרייטוס

Simplified Shipping: Freightos' digital booking platform is innovating the freight industry

17.02.22|Yonatan Sredni
Founded a decade ago out of the need to simplify the complicated, old fashioned world of international shipping, Israel's Freightos aims to become the of freight
Adi Itach Sayolla CMO

Shopping while playing is Sayollo’s game

03.01.22|Daniel Farber-Ball
Focusing on Gen-Z gamers, the Israeli startup’s CMO Adi Itach says its in-game marketplace platform, gComm, is “the future of commerce and gaming, as a hybrid of these two worlds”
Moran Price IRP Systems

IRP Systems CEO wants to “electrify mobility”

07.12.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
Moran Price believes a mass adoption of electric vehicles is coming and thinks her company’s powertrain technology can help people breathe clean air
אצה אצות

Algamed Therapeutics is tapping into nature for a femtech solution

29.11.21|Yafit Ovadia
The Israeli company is using algae to create a female-friendly treatment for atrophic vaginitis
Khaled Zbidat

Flare helping streamers turn live gaming into sports broadcasting

23.11.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
The local startup, founded by two Israeli-Arab students, uses AI to give streamers the tools which high-end sports productions use. CEO Khaled Zbidat: “Streamers need to focus on their viewers and playing well”

NovaGreen wants your pot to be clean and radiation-free

15.11.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
Using cold plasma technology, the startup from Kibbutz Megido aims as high as it can. “We really feel like all eyes are on us,” said CEO and co-founder Ronen Lam
הצוות הנשי של ננוסנט

NanoScent develops device to detect Covid-19

08.11.21|Yafit Ovadia
The Israeli medical device startup’s sensor is capable of detecting a variety of diseases through scent, including coronavirus
דמי בן ארי

Making vendors safe again: Panorays tackles third-party cybersecurity

26.10.21|Yafit Ovadia
The platform automates all third-party actions during due diligence, making the process run trouble-free
Datricks founders

Datricks CEO: Customers get an X-ray view into their company

31.08.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
The company offers AI-based software that connects to an organization system, mines its financial data, and flags issues. “We revolutionized the way organizations do internal audits”
מאיה דנינו עם התחליף לחלב

Sustainable skim: making dairy lactose-free, sans cows

02.08.21|Yafit Ovadia
Remilk produces artificially-engineered dairy milk in a lab, that has zero cholesterol, lactose, hormones or antibiotics yet still tastes like milk, all without the cows
מירי ברגר ובעלה

Helping the disabled regain their independence with a flick of a wrist

28.07.21|Yafit Ovadia
6Degrees’ wearable motion-based device allows disabled users the ability to control tablets, type, and more
הצוות של ננומדיק

‘Spiderman’ technology spins new artificial skin for patients

19.07.21|Yafit Ovadia
Nanomedic’s electrospinning technology creates artificial skins for wounds, burns, and scarring, printed with 3D technology and nanofibers to encourage patients to return to normal life

The company harnessing AI to clear traffic jams

12.07.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
“Our solution works, if we get access to all the lights in the city we can reduce traffic jams by 30%-40%,” explained itc CTO Dvir Kenig
Eran Sinbar Yoran Imaging CEO

Yoran Imaging hopes to seal the deal and change the industry

07.07.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
Based on military technology, the Israeli company developed a packing monitor system already used by major conglomerates that “for the first time can visualize the sealing process and apply artificial intelligence”