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James Vincent

Israeli tech has some amazing stories. So why are founders so bad at telling them?

05.06.23|James Spiro
James Vincent helped Steve Jobs tell Apple’s story - here’s the advice he has for Startup Nation
Bar Dor Associate at TLV Partners

"We do not invest in women just because they are women, they really were the best choices"

06.02.23|Noa Gadot
Bar Dor, Associate at TLV Partners, shares her story, her opinions, and concerns on juggling a family and a career
שותפים בקרן TLV Partners מימין שחר צפריר עדי יראל טולדנו איתן בק ורונה שגב

TLV Partners: “If Israel’s democracy is harmed, the hi-tech industry will wither or flee abroad”

17.01.23|Meir Orbach, Sophie Shulman
“We say these things with a heavy heart and great pain, and we hold hope that the destructive actions will be stopped before it's too late,” wrote partners Rona Segev, Shahar Tzafrir, Adi Yarel Toledano and Eitan Bek
שחר צפריר TLV Partners

TLV Partners: “Startups, it’s time to go on the offense!”

15.12.22|Elihay Vidal, James Spiro
Managing Partner Shahar Tzafrir joined CTech to offer advice to companies preparing for next year
Yonatan Mandelbaum BiblioTech TLV Partners

CTech's Book Review: Measuring and understanding the 80/20 rule

29.03.22|Yonatan Mandelbaum
Yonatan Mandelbaum, Principal at TLV Partners, shares insights after reading “The Power Law: Venture Capital and the Making of the New Future” by Sebastian Mallaby
Daniel Aronovitz Rona Segev Arik Kleinstein Yanai Oron Omry Ben David Batsheva Moshe

“Israeli tech’s next phase will be an era of decacorns”

13.10.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
While not over yet, 2021 has been a record-breaking year for Israeli high-tech. Could 2022 be even better? CTech gathered top investors to find out
TLV Partners פרטנרס

TLV Partners raises $320 million for new funds

03.10.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli venture capital firm raised $220 million for its fourth fund for investments in early-stage companies as well as an additional $100 million for growth investments
מייסדים אבראפטר everafterteam

Customer management platform EverAfter secures $13 million in Seed round

14.09.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup’s clients include leading SaaS companies like Taboola, AppsFlyer, and Verbit
צוות Aporia

Aporia comes out of stealth, announces $5 million funding to ensure AI integrity

06.04.21|James Spiro
The Israeli startup's monitoring platform helps data scientists create their own monitors for machine learning models
Rona Segev

“I think that happy entrepreneurs are better entrepreneurs, and I really like the entrepreneurs I invest in"

Michael Matias is joined by TLV Partners' Rona Segev to learn how entrepreneurs sometimes need to step away from negotiation tables to create strong, trusting relationships
מימין מתן בר חן עמית איתן בק אריק פרישמן כנס פינטק

"Fintech is the best thing to happen to the banking system"

Arik Frishman, Head of the Digital and Data Division at Israel Discount Bank takes part in a panel on Fintech fundamentals along with Melio CEO Matan Bar, Tipalti CEO Chen Amit, and TLV Partner's Eitan Beck
רונה שגב Rona Segev  - gateways stampa

Rona Segev-Gal: TLV partners’ AI oracle

As one of the leading voices in Israel’s AI space, Rona Segev-Gal has been behind some of the most interesting developments in Startup Nation
מימין אלון חורי עינת גז קרן רן איתן בק שבוע הסטארט-אפים פינטק

Covid-19 ushered in fintech’s golden era

14.09.20|Eti Aflalo
The changes brought to the industry by the pandemic were at the center of the Google and Calcalist Startup Week panel
מייסדי Buildots בילדוטס מימין יקיר סודרי רועי דנון ו אביב ליבוביץ'

Buildots raises $12.5 million to expand construction tech innovation

30.07.20|Hagar Ravet
The startup develops technology that allows construction companies to keep a close eye on the processes at a construction site with computer vision and artificial intelligence
מימין נועם סולומון ו לואיס וולוך

Immunai Announces $20 Million Seed Round to Fund Immune System Mapping

14.05.20|Hagar Ravet
The company employs more than 30 workers in Israel and New York and collaborates with more than 10 world-leading medical centers and bio-pharma companies