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מכוניות חדשות נמל אילת

Half of Eilat Port employees face layoffs amid Red Sea shipping crisis

20.03.24|Dotan Levy and Reuters
The port management informed employees of its intention to fire about 60 of the 120-person workforce , after Houthi attacks led to a drop in the scope of the port's activity and income
השתלטות כוחות חות'יים על האונייה גלאקסי לידר שנמצאת בבעלות של איש העסקים רמי אונגר

Houthi rebels pose global threat to shipping in Arabian sea

30.11.23|Yuval Azulay
The Houthis are increasing threats on ships with Israeli connections that pass through the Red Sea and repercussions could soon be felt across the supply chain
משאית טילים במצעד לציון השתלטות ה חות'ים על תימן

Know your enemy: Houthis from Yemen are Israel’s new terror threat

01.11.23|Doron Peskin
Since the beginning of the war in Gaza, another threat to Israel has been added from the South - the Houthis in Yemen. Since they took over the country they have enjoyed money and military cooperation with Iran in creating a Shia resistance axis in the Middle East
רכב טויוטה עם מחבלים של חמאס טרור טרוריסטים מלחמה מלחמת עזה

Trucks run amok: Hamas has been using indestructible Toyota trucks for years

25.10.23|Ilan Goldman
The image of the white Toyota truck, loaded with terrorists, speeding through the streets of Sderot, will never be forgotten in Israel, but Hamas' fleet of vehicles has been known for years
ראש ממשלת ישראל בנימין נתניהו ישיבת ממשלה יוני 2018

Advocacy Group Likens Israeli Cyber Bill to a “New Intelligence Agency”

22.08.18|Omer Kabir
Sponsored by the Israeli Prime Minister office, the law would give Israel’s cyber defense authority far-reaching powers
איילת שקד ראיון

“Facebook Bill” Progresses in Israeli Parliament

15.07.18|Omer Kabir and Lilach Baumer
The bill will give government attorneys a fast-track to have content they deem as illegal or inciting removed by court order from social network sites
סטיבן מנושין סטיבן מנוצ'ין שר האוצר ארה"ב

CTech’s Weekly Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Two cybersecurity companies with links to Israel placed on U.S. blacklist. Startup with Israeli intelligence bona fides offers defense against fake news
רחפן ריסוס חקלאות

Israeli Air Force to Lead Country's National Drone Threat Task Force

02.01.18|Amarelle Wenkert
The new task force was announced following a scathing report published in November by the Israeli state comptroller