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How can Israel help in India's Covid crisis?

04.05.21|James Spiro
India is in crisis, and it’s time for countries to help more than just sending boxes
מנת חיסון פייזר קורונה covid 19

Israeli study reveals South African variant may evade Pfizer vaccine

Almost 53% of Israel's 9.3 million population has received both Pfizer doses, and has largely reopened its economy in recent weeks
בנימין נתניהו ראש הממשלה ב ביקור ב תחנת חיסוני קורונה ב זרזיר

Will world leading vaccination drive be enough to extend King Bibi's reign?

Israel's longest-serving leader hs been highlighting his role in turning high-tech Israel into a "vaccination nation" but lst polls show no clear victory
ד"ר דורית ניצן ארגון הבריאות העולמי כנס חדשנות סביבתית

WHO urges countries to “stop hoarding the vaccines”

16.03.21|James Spiro
Speaking at Calcalist’s Environmental Innovation Conference, Dr. Dorit Nitzan shares some of the ways that countries can help each other to end Covid-19
גילי רגב מנכ"לית סנוטייז

SaNOtize to seek emergency approval for its Covid-19-fighting nasal spray

The drugmaker has completed a Phase 2 clinical trial in the UK, Israeli CEO says treatment can help vaccines defeat the pandemic
פרק בסאות'פארק על החיסונים הישראליים

Israel’s vaccination drive gets spoofed by South Park

11.03.21|Itamar Eichner
Long-running animated series recognizes Israel for its successful campaign but knocks its closed-border policies
Mask Kiss OkCupid נשיקה במסכה

OkCupid data confirms it: Vaccines are sexy

03.03.21|James Spiro
Israel’s citizens are being vaccinated at a record pace - just make sure to put your Covid-proof status on your dating profile
נתב"ג טיסות נכנסות חוזרים מחו"ל קורונה

Israel offers tracking bracelets to incoming travelers as alternative to quarantine hotel

If someone chooses an electronic bracelet over a hotel, it means they can self-isolate at home
Covid-19 Map

Individualism vs. Collectivism: How a country’s culture determined the severity of Covid-19

27.02.21|James Spiro
Research from IDC Herzliya and Yale University has shined a light on how citizens view their role in society - and it shows some worrying trends about how countries deal with a global pandemic
ד"ר טל זקס מנהל רפואי מודרנה

Moderna’s resigning CMO says he achieved what he cared about

25.02.21|Sophie Shulman
Tal Zaks: I never imagined that I’d develop a vaccine for the worst pandemic of our times
ד"ר טל זקס מודרנה מנהל רפואי חיסון קורונה

Tal Zaks leaving Moderna after six years as Chief Medical Officer

25.02.21|Mickey Greenfeld
“Through his leadership over the past year in Moderna’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tal has made a contribution that extends beyond Moderna to all of society,” says CEO
ד"ר טל זקס  חיסון מודרנה  קורונה

Moderna CMO suggests Israel is on its radar for new vaccine production facility

25.02.21|Sophie Shulman
Tal Zaks says the drugmaker has already produced a booster shot to counter the South African variant, says his mom in Israel received the competition’s vaccine
מרכז חיסונים ו בדיקות קורונה בתל אביב

With nearly half the population vaccinated, Israel eases lockdown measures

Health ministry data finds two-shot regimen has reduced Covid-19 infections by 95.8%
חיסון קורונה מתחסן צעיר

Proof in the numbers: Israeli HMO reinforces Covid-19 vaccine efficacy findings by Pfizer

Only 608 people out of a total 602,000 had tested positive for Covid-19 more than a week after receiving second dose
מסעדה סגורה בארץ בגלל משבר הקורונה קורונה

Israeli restaurants aim for March 9 reopening as vaccination campaign surpasses 40%

"We want to open gradually, carefully so we don't have another breakout of another wave, and another lockdown," says Covid-19 czar
מפעל טבע טק נאות חובב פיטורים

Teva in talks with Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers to co-produce shots

10.02.21|Reuters and CTech
"We are positive towards contributing by manufacturing some of those vaccines that either have been approved or are just about to be approved," said CEO
נמל תל אביב קורונה

Israel to launch app granting "Green Pass" to people who were vaccinated against Covid-19

I ntwo weeks, holders of the pas will be allowed to enter hotels, gyms and other leisure facilities
מנת חיסון פייזר קורונה covid 19

Vaccine vs variant: Promising data in Israel's race to defeat pandemic

As a small country with universal healthcare, advanced data capabilities and the promise of a swift rollout, Israel provided Pfizer with a unique opportunity to study the real-world impact of the vaccine
Harel Tayeb Kryon

Can Israel's V-Bot help other countries catch up with the country's vaccine drive?

03.02.21|James Spiro
Israel’s vaccination rollout has been an example for the world - now’s the time to send its robots overseas
זריקה חיסון קורונה אחות בית חולים איכילוב

Israel includes teens in vaccination drive, eyeing exams

As part of the nationwide vaccination campaign, teens will receive the new Covid-19 vaccines as well so that they may return to school