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Yango divests Israeli taxi operations to local investors

21.03.24|Omer Kabir
Established by the Russian technology firm Yandex, Yango is restructuring its operations amid sanctions imposed on Russian companies due to the Ukraine invasion. This includes transitioning taxi operations to local franchisees across various countries
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Yandex in negotiations to sell Yango Israel

10.08.23|Sophie Shulman
A sale to an Israeli entity would disconnect the company from its association with Russia, making it more competitive against local brands
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Russian government's expanded data access sparks privacy worries for Yango users

08.08.23|Sophie Shulman
Reports indicate that the law's effects might extend beyond Russia, potentially affecting Yango users worldwide, including in Israel
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Yandex's Yango Now Welcomes Independent Taxi Drivers

12.03.20|Meir Orbach
To date, the company worked with drivers only through taxi companies, but now it will offer all independent, unaffiliated drivers the option of working directly with Yango
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Yango Israel General Manager Resigns

01.03.20|Meir Orbach
Russian Nasdaq-listed company Yandex launched its taxi-hailing subsidiary Yango in Israel in December 2018
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One Year After Launch, Yandex Is Unhappy With Its Israeli Taxi-Hailing Business

19.12.19|Udi Etsion
Russian media company Yandex is considering replacing the Israeli head of its Yango taxi-hailing service, which has been tailing competitor Gett, one person familiar with the matter told Calcalist
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For Yango, B2B Ride Service Could Be the Way to a Greater Market Share in Israel

08.12.19|Sophie Shulman
Launched in Israel one year ago, Yango, the taxi-hailing service operated by Russian multinational tech company Yandex, has been tailing local market leader Gett
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Yandex’ Cab-Hailing Service Yango Expands to Additional Israeli Cities

12.11.19|Lior Guttman
Operating in the greater Tel Aviv area since December 2018, Yandex’s service will expand to the northern Israeli city Haifa and its surroundings, and the southern city of Be’er Sheva
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Yandex' Autonomous Vehicles to Roam Around the Heart of Tel Aviv

19.09.19|Adi Pick
The company currently has three autonomous vehicles active on Israeli roads and intends to operate an additional seven by the end of 2019
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Israel's Transportation Ministry Goes After Taxi-Hailing Company Yango

04.07.19|Udi Etsion and Tomer Hadar
Yango drivers charge passengers a pre-determined fare price based on traffic data and other variables. Israeli law mandates that cab drivers can only charge the price indicated by the meter
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A Ride in Yandex’s Autonomous Vehicle

12.06.19|Udi Etsion
Yandex conducted the first demonstration rides in one of the autonomous vehicles it is currently testing in Israel during the Ecomotion 2019 smart mobility show in Tel Aviv
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How Tel Aviv Became an Unlikely Sandbox for Non-Israeli Tech Companies Looking to Expand Services

23.01.19|Orr Hirschauge and Lilach Baumer
One of the densest tech innovation hubs in the world, the small size of the predominantly Hebrew-speaking Israeli-market used to mean technology services came here late. 2018 signaled a wind change
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Yango to Award Drivers in Israel With $530 Bonus for Working on New Year’s Eve

31.12.18|Tofi Stoler
Though not an official holiday in Israel, New Year’s Eve is widely celebrated in parties while the country’s Russian-speaking population celebrates “Novy God”
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Yandex to Conduct Autonomous Vehicle Testing in Israel

25.12.18|Adi Pick
These test rides will include a driver behind the wheel for safety precaution. The company is already testing out its driverless cars in Russia and the U.S.
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To Make Inroads Into Local Market, Yandex Partners with Israeli Taxi Firm

10.12.18|Meir Orbach
Yango, a taxi-hailing service by Russian technology company Yandex, began operating in Israel Monday
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Yandex's Yango Taxi Hits Israel's Roads

05.12.18|Nitsan Sadan
The company, which uploaded its Hebrew-language app to Google and Apple's stores last week, wants to challenge local market leader Gett