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When Your Valuation is Too High for Your Own Good

07.02.19|Zachi Zach
Closed your seed round at an incredibly high valuation? Well done and good luck! And here's hoping it does not become a double-edged sword
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Thinking About Adding Hardware to Your Startup? Think Again

01.02.19|Zachi Zach
Advice to would-be entrepreneurs: stick to software, or be prepared for a long, hard haul
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Are You at the Wrong Startup?

30.11.18|Zachi Zach
Being the one that came up with the next brilliant idea does not mean you are the person to make it a reality
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Escaping the Trap of the Valuation Cap

12.11.18|Zachi Zach
Raising money through a convertible round could be a good idea if you believe that your startup’s valuation is due to go up. Just don’t lose sight of the valuation cap, writes lawyer and entrepreneur Zachi Zach
Zachi Zach צחי זך

Getting the Most Out of International Business Meetings

26.10.18|Zachi Zach
Lawyer and entrepreneur Zachi Zach lists the absolutely vital items you should check the next time you get on a plane for a business meeting
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Why Can’t Blockchain and GDPR Just Get Along?

02.09.18|Zachi Zach
For all the headache GDPR spells for adtech companies, blockchain-related businesses have it much, much worse
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CTech’s Sunday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Trump aides hired Israeli spies to dig dirt on Iran deal negotiators, The Observer reports. Russian communication minister says Viber could be blocked, report says.
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Boom25 Offers Online Shoppers a Cash-Back Sweepstake

02.01.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Boom25 introduces a new cash-back model. Instead of accumulating a percentage of every purchase, shoppers on the company’s ecommerce site enter a cash-back sweepstake. The company, which operates in the U.K., raised $1 Million in August
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Startup Contests Are Not for Everyone

22.10.17|Zachi Zach
If not carefully selected, a startup contest could hold more risk than value
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Pivoting: Finding a New Way Forward

01.10.17|Zachi Zach
Pivots no longer have the bad reputation they once had, but entrepreneurs shouldn't use them as an excuse for failure either

When Co-Founders Fight, Startups Take a Blow

01.10.17|Zachi Zach
Hating your co-founder does not spell certain death to your startup, but it doesn't help either
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Your First Investor Meeting, a Survival Guide

27.09.17|Zachi Zach
Your first meeting with a potential investor is critical because you probably won’t get another chance. Do your homework
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Why Investors Love Failed Entrepreneurs

13.09.17|Zachi Zach
Your mistakes, not your perfect record, make you more desirable as an entrepreneur
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13 Things that Every App Development Agreement Should Have

12.09.17|Zachi Zach
A checklist for beginner and experienced entrepreneurs alike
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Almost No One Will Sign Your NDA. Here’s Why

11.09.17|Zachi Zach
Some technology entrepreneurs want to sign everyone on a Non-Disclosure agreement. It's not going to work