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זוהר לבקוביץ’ שותף מייסד ומנכל חברת הסטארט־אפ L1GHT

The Challenge of Flattening the Online Hate Curve

08.04.20|Allon Sinai
Hate speech, cyberbullying, and abuse are all worryingly on the rise since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, L1ght founder Zohar Levkovitz tells CTech
זוהר לבקוביץ מנכ"ל אמובי Amobee

Zohar Levkovitz’s New Startup Wants to Keep Track of Your Kids

Levkovitz, who co-founded marketing tech company Amobee, plans to develop software that can monitor a child’s behavior on social media, private messages and even in the physical world. The aim: alerting parents and authorities of potential threats
נשיאת דידי ג'ין ליו

CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

Didi Chuxing to scout Israel for investments, partnerships. Shared office company Mixer raises $40 million
זוהר לבקוביץ מנכ"ל אמובי Amobee

Why I Decided to Join the Israeli Version of Shark Tank

26.02.18|Zohar Levkovitz
Zohar Levkovitz sold his ad tech company, Amobee, to Singtel in 2012 for over $300 million. He is one of the investors starring in the Israeli remake of business reality show Shark Tank, which premiered last week
מטבע ביטקוין דולר דולרים

Bitcoin’s Killer App Lives Up to its Name

19.11.17|Zohar Levkovitz
After deep-diving into the Bitcoin scene, Israeli-born entrepreneur Zohar Levkovitz is back with some unpleasant insights he feels must be said