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How will Pfizer and Moderna protect their vaccine patent applications and which Israeli company raised $10 million?

CTech Daily Roundup: Israeli cloud optimization startup Zesty raises $6.6 million seed, led by S Capital

CTech 23:5425.11.20
Israeli combustion engine developer Aquarius raises $10 million from Japanese giant TPR. Aquarius, which has developed a two sided free piston linear 10kg engine, is planning on going public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in the coming weeks. Read more


Israeli cloud optimization startup Zesty raises $6.6 million seed, led by S Capital. The capability to analyze cloud costs and usage in real-time allows Zesty to develop cutting-edge solutions to tackle cloud waste optimization and reduce cloud costs by an average of 50%, while also reclaiming hundreds of engineering hours. Read more
Covid-19 vaccine. Photo: AFP Covid-19 vaccine. Photo: AFP


Generali Deutschland adopts’s video-based health and wellness monitoring tech.’s technology will allow users to extract vital parameters that are key to one’s health status such as heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiration rate and heart rate variability through the camera on their smartphone. Read more


OneDay Volunteer work increases employee productivity. Through volunteer projects, OneDay initiative hopes to improve employee productivity by giving volunteers an all-around good feeling. Read more


Opinion | How will Pfizer and Moderna protect their vaccine patent applications. While regulatory exclusivity will effectively protect Covid vaccines for at least a decade in Europe and the U.S, they will be unprotected by regulatory exclusivity in Israel. Read more 


Dubai Conference | "Israelis who want to operate in Dubai should come up with a clear plan and not go round in circles." Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, the founder and chairman of the Al Habtoor hoteling and real estate consortium added: "Dubai is a link between the West, Asia, the Middle East." Watch full video


Dubai Conference | “Adapt yourself. You will find someone in the right field, in the same business that suits you, do your homework.” Speaking at the first Israel-Dubai conference of Calcalist, Bank Leumi, and Reshet 13, Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulyem shared some of the country’s history and offered sage advice to his Israeli audience. Watch full video


Dubai Conference | “Peace treaties represent the choice of light over darkness,” says Bank Leumi chairman. Dr. Samer Haj-Yehia remains hopeful for further peace initiatives. Watch full video


Dubai Conference | "We will start to see the fruits of what is being done today five years from now." Avi Ortal, CEO of Leumi Partners, said that the key word in the UAE economy is ‘diversity’ in order to reduce dependence on oil. Watch full video 


Dubai Conference | President Rivlin: “This is not something I was sure I would see in my lifetime.” The Israeli president sent a pre-recorded video message to the first Israel-Dubai conference. Watch full video


Dubai Conference | “Economic relations with the UAE will be developed with Israel 10 times faster than with other countries,” says Leumitech CEO. “At the beginning we thought that cooperation would include investments in Israeli companies, but now we understand that the UAE wants a deeper, mutual two-sided relationship,” said Yifat Oron. Watch full video


Dubai Conference | Today, the UAE economy is only 20% dependent on oil, confirms DB Schenker CEO. DB Schenker CEO Farook Hasan Hussein Alzeer discusses business opportunities between the nations. Watch full video


Dubai Conference | “Israel-UAE peace accords are a great opportunity to get to know one another,” says Emirati philanthropist. Raza Jaffer tells story of personal hardship, and how it led him to his career path today. Watch full video


Dubai Conference | "We will try to connect the first land fiber cable from Israel to Dubai." The United Arab Emirates is an incubator, and it wants to be a bigger incubator, said Cellcom CEO Avi Gabbay. Watch full video


Dubai Conference | UAE branding is “a source of economic strength and national pride.” CEO of Vibe Israel, Joanna Landau, talked about how the two countries brand themselves. Watch full video


Dubai Conference | Abraham Accords “is a turning point for the entire Middle East," says Emirates Economy Minister. Abdullah ben Tuk Al-Ameri made the remarks at the first Israel-Dubai conference, currently taking place in Dubai. Watch full video


Dubai Conference | UAE can help the startup nation scale, says top Emirati businessman. "This marriage will be an economical marriage, a commercial marriage, where we will need each other," explained Thani Al Shirawi, Vice-Chairman and Deputy Managing Director at the Al Shirawi Group of Companies. Watch full video


Dubai Conference | Israelis should come and share their expertise with the UAE, says chairman of Dubai Pearl. "Israelis are good in what they know. They need to come with that and share it with the rest of us,” says Abdul Majeed al-Fahim. Watch full video