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מטה חברת באידו בייג'ינג סין Baidu

Wiped off the map: Chinese tech giants erase Israel

05.11.23|Viki Auslender
In a move that reflects the lining up of the tech world behind nationalist lines drawn by the leading powers, Israel no longer appears on the online maps of the Chinese giants Baidu and Alibaba. The technology cannot profit from this
Baidu China Israel Map

Provocation or diplomacy? China removes Israel from its digital maps

31.10.23|James Spiro
The move is tinged with irony given China’s well-known neurosis about borders and the standards it expects from the rest of the world
מטה חברת באידו בייג'ינג סין Baidu

Baidu's Reputation Problem in China Gives Google a Chance

26.08.18|Ofir Dor
Baidu may be the unchallenged market leader in China, but users in the country believe the search engine to be overly commercialized and ethically challenged
מפעל אינטל ב קריית גת 15.5.18

CTech's Tuesday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Hyundai and Baidu tap Israeli autonomous car technology. Israeli minister days Intel may invest $9 billion more dollars in Israel. A look at 2018’s top ten investments in local tech companies so far
מכונית אפולו של באידו

Baidu Teams Up with Intel’s Mobileye to Make Self-Driving Cars Safer

03.07.18|Asaf Shalev
The Chinese tech company also said it would use Mobileye’s autonomous sensing system of cameras, computer vision hardware and software in its offering to China’s automakers
בעל השליטה באנט ו בעליבאבא ג'ק מא

CTech’s Weekly Israeli Tech News Roundup

The OurCrowd investors’ summit in Jerusalem, Jack Ma’s upcoming visit to Israel, and Baidu’s novel approach to determining creditworthiness
מטה באידו ב בייג'ינג

Baidu Tracking Online Behavior to Assign Credit Score to Users

02.02.18|Asaf Shalev
Search, social and navigation habits help the Chinese internet company distinguish between “good customers” and “bad customers,” says a Baidu executive
דייזי צאי מנהלת באידו

Baidu to Earmark Assets for a New Venture Fund

07.11.17|Meir Orbach
The Beijing-based web company plans to launch a second Baidu Ventures fund, said the company’s corporate venture arm chief, Daisy Cai
משלוחים שליחים Meituan סין

Couriers Pay Price for China’s Roaring Food Delivery Business

01.11.17|Ofir Dor
In Nanjing, in Eastern China, 2,473 people were killed in 3,242 accidents involving delivery drivers in the first half of 2017
דוד בן בסט רני וולינגשטיין אוריקס ויז׳ן Oryx Vision

Third Point Ventures Backs Startup Oryx Vision

10.08.17|Meir Orbach
The Israel-based startup developing autonomous cars technology raised $50 million. Oryx Vision invented a special Low-Cost LiDAR, vital for Auto AI