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צוות ביזאבו Bizzabo

Bizzabo laying off another 100 employees, cutting almost 40% of remaining workforce

01.12.22|Meir Orbach
Five months ago the event planning platform parted with 120 employees, meaning it has cut more than half of its team since July
ביזאבו Bizzabo

High-tech startups hit by downrounds as crisis deepens

27.07.22|Meir Orbach
Downrounds were nowhere to be seen in Israeli high-tech during 2021, but that has changed in 2022. For example, Israel’s Bizzabo is raising at a value of $200 million, a 30% decrease in value compared to its previous round in 2020
מימין בועז כץ ערן בן שושן ו אלון אלרואי מייסדי חברת ביזאבו bizzabo

Bizzabo valuation takes 30% cut to $200 million in down round led by Insight

21.07.22|Meir Orbach
The event planning platform is raising $35 million after laying off almost a third of its employees earlier this month
מימין בועז כץ ערן בן שושן ו אלון אלרואי מייסדי חברת ביזאבו bizzabo

Bizzabo axes almost 30% of employees

05.07.22|Meir Orbach
The event planning platform will lay off 120 of its 400 employees as it prepares for an extended downturn in business
ד"ר יוסי מערבי דיקן בית הספר אדלסון ליזמות אוניברסיטת רייכמן

Entree for entrepreneurs: An expert shares the recipe for what makes an expert entrepreneur

13.02.22|Maayan Manela
מייסדי Bizzabo בועז כץ ערן בן שושן אלון אלרואי

Bizzabo acquires Klik for $13.5 million to add smart wearables tech to live events

Klik is the Israeli company’s fourth acquisition in six months, an addition complementing its previous acquisitions, Whalebone, and TeeVid
Alon Eran Boaz Bizzabo

Bizzabo acquires Israeli startup TeeVid to enhance its video production suite

26.10.21|James Spiro
It marks the third acquisition in five months for the company, although the amount was not disclosed
מימין אירית קאהן אסף ורהפט דינה פסקא רז ו עופר בנגל

Can Israel’s tech ecosystem overcome its workforce crisis?

22.09.21|Elihay Vidal
Industry leaders discussed the challenge at Calcalist's “Emergency Meeting - Israeli High-Tech 2022” online event, with solutions spanning from importing manpower to employee welfare
Tami Golan Bizzabo

“There's a big, strong community of HR professionals, and everybody was helping each other"

Bizzabo's Tami Golan talks to Michael Matias about how the role of HR has become more valued during the pandemic
Alon Alroy Bizzabo

“We were very passionate about doing something related to connecting people at events.”

Bizzabo's Alon Alroy joins Michael Matias on 20-Minute Leaders to advise entrepreneurs to stay agile, open minded, and optimistic when overcoming their own challenges
Alon Alroy Bizzabo

In New York City, “every candidate looked like a superstar,” says Bizzabo

For this entry of IL Tech in NY with Israeli Mapped in NY, the event success platform highlights some of the reasons they choose New York over Silicon Valley
דוכן עיתונים עיתונות

Founders should enjoy the same opportunity to diversify their wealth as their investors do

06.12.20|Shaul Olmert
Shaul Olmert argues against those who claim that selling founders’ shares signals bad things about the company
האקר ביטקוין מטבע וירטאלי

Who raised a $170 million fund and how much Bitcoin are hackers demanding from a breached insurance company?

CTech Daily Roundup: Entrée Capital closes $125 million fund to invest in growth startups headed by Israeli founders
צוות ביזאבו Bizzabo

Bizzabo founders and investors to net over $70 million from latest round

03.12.20|Meir Orbach
The founders, investors and veteran employees will receive approximately 60% of the $138 million round, with the remainder of the money going to the company
תחנת החלל הבינלאומית נאס"א אסטרונאוטים אסטרונאוט

Which company completed a $138 million funding round and what will be the cybersecurity trends of 2021?

CTech Daily Roundup: Nayax aiming to become the first unicorn on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
מייסדי ביזאבו Bizzabo בועז כץ אלון אלרואי ו ערן בן שושן

Despite Covid conference freeze, Israel’s Bizzabo completes $138 million funding round

02.12.20|Meir Orbach
Part of the round includes the secondary purchase of shares from existing investors; the event planning platform had to reinvent itself with the shift to virtual conferences
Bizzabo Tami Lev-Golan

Covid-19 was a conference killer. How did Bizzabo survive it?

How does a company, whose technology is used for events and conferences, carry on during a pandemic? CTech spoke to Tami Lev-Golan to find out
מימין בועז כץ  ערן בן שושן ו אלון אלרואי ביזאבו Bizzabo

Event Planning Startup Bizzabo Raises $27 Million

17.04.19|Meir Orbach
Bizzabo offers online tools for planning, managing, and marketing corporate events
כנס פינטק 15.5.18 פאנל הבהלה לישראל פרופ' דודי גרשון פיוטר ווטמנסקי פאבל קרבץ' אונדרי גאליק

It’s Reigning Men: 70% of All Event Speakers Are Men, New Report Finds

07.11.18|Adi Pick
The most gender-balanced type of events were fundraisers, galas and social gatherings, according to a report by event management startup Bizzabo
מימין בועז כץ  ערן בן שושן ו אלון אלרואי ביזאבו Bizzabo

Event Planning Startup Bizzabo Expands New York and Tel Aviv Offices

08.08.18|Dotan Levy
Bizzabo’s online service provides tools for planning, managing, and marketing corporate events