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Oren Visionary CES

From Gaza to CES: When Israel's tech sector balances both worlds

11.01.24|James Spiro
Israeli entrepreneurs are flying from the battleground to the playground, temporarily putting war aside to show off Startup Nation
Innoviz team

Innoviz unveils new LiDAR system at CES

The Innoviz360 features up to 1280 scanning lines per frame, configurable frame rate, 0.05°x 0.05° resolution, and 300-meters of range
אמנון שעשוע Amnon Shashua Mobileye

Mobileye's Shashua makes sobering predictions on future of autonomous vehicles

12.01.21|Tomer Hadar
Announcements promising an autonomous car for every worker by the year 2025 are no longer being heard, with Shashua now saying that "one in every 10 cars will be autonomous by 2030"
אינטל משיקה סדרת מעבדים חדשה

Intel reveals new made-in-Israel processors at CES

12.01.21|Raphael Kahan and James Spiro
The U.S. tech corporation announced a slew of new products during the prestigious annual event, including Rocket Lake and Alder Lake processors developed in Israel
אמנון שעשוע Amnon Shashua Mobileye

CES 2021: Mobileye vows to bring autonomous vehicles to ‘everyone, everywhere’

11.01.21|James Spiro
During the annual Consumer Electronics Show, the autonomous vehicle company promises to deploy widespread AVs as early as next year
Sagi Ben Moshe Intel

Intel reveals Israel-developed facial authentication to secure financial transactions

06.01.21|James Spiro
The on-device solution can be used on smart locks, at kiosks, or ATM machines
מימין קובי מלוק מייסד וvp business development ו מרדכי כהן מייסד ומנכ"ל

This Israeli Company Wants to Deliver Green Screen Technology to Mobile Devices Everywhere

17.01.20|Lilach Baumer, Las Vegas
Israel-based Spectalix develops technology that can identify people or objects on a mobile phone-recorded video, separate them from the original background, and add them over a new video
יונה שטרן מנכל Arrive

CEO of Mobility Company Arrive Shares His Vision of the Future of the Industry

17.01.20|Lilach Baumer, Las Vegas
Yona Shtern spoke to Calcalist last week during the 2020 CES exhibition in Las Vegas
edgybees וידאו טכנולוגיה

From Drone-Based Games to Putting Out Fires in Australia

16.01.20|Lilach Baumer, Las Vegas
Israel-based Edgybees developed the first augmented reality game for drones. An entreat from first responders following Hurricane Irma in Florida led it to pivot
גלעד טלמון מנכל tetavi

TetaVi’s Technology Could Enable Viewers to Walk Through a Virtual Reality Movie

15.01.20|Lilach Baumer, Las Vegas
Israel-based TetaVi develops volumetric video technology made portable using four depth cameras developed in-house
תערוכת CES 2020 לאס וגאס

CES 2020 Saw a Flurry of Israeli Automotive Startups

12.01.20|Udi Etsion
At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, 70 Israeli automotive startups showcased their technologies and flaunted new partnerships
מייסדי וואלנס Valens סטארטאפים מבטיחים

Auto Parts Company Aptiv Partners With Automotive Chip Company Valens

09.01.20|Adi Pick
Valens manufactures semiconductor products for the delivery of uncompressed HD multimedia content for the automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics markets
Amnon Shashua Mobileye אמנון שעשוע מובילאיי

OrCam Unveils Wearable Personal Assistant, New Technologies for People With Disabilities

09.01.20|Lilach Baumer, Las Vegas
With new natural language processing abilities and other AI technologies, OrCam’s devices help vision and hearing impaired people navigate day-to-day life with greater ease
דודי בן עיון דודי בנעיון מנהל פיתוח הספורט של אינטל ישראל

Younger Sports Fans Want to Be a Part of the Narrative, Says Intel Sports Exec

08.01.20|Lilach Baumer, Las Vegas
Dudi Ben-Auen, head of research and development for Intel Sports and general manager of the department’s Israel office, spoke to Calcalist at the 2020 CES tech exhibition
תערוכת CES 2020 לאס וגאס

2020’s Top Tech Trends According to This Year’s CES Tech Exhibition

07.01.20|Lilach Baumer, Las Vegas
Calcalist’s reporter Lilach Baumer outlines the most prominent issues the tech sector will focus on at the dawn of the new decade, according to the CES exhibition program
פרופ’ אמנון שעשוע מנכ"ל מובילאיי מסכם שנתיים באינטל

Mobileye CEO Outlines Israel’s Robotaxi Future

10.01.19|Galit Altstein
Intel’s Mobileye and Volkswagen AG plan to have hundreds of autonomous taxis on Tel Aviv’s streets by 2022, according to Mobileye co-founder and CEO Amnon Shashua
אנדה בהרב מנכלית  סליפרייט Sleeprate

Philips Partners With Israeli Sleep Analysis Startup SleepRate

SleepRate’s mobile app uses off-the-shelf sensors such as fitness belts and smartwatches to track sleep patterns and detect sleep problems
מובילאיי נהיגה אוטומטית

Mobileye Sketches Autonomous Vehicle Future at CES 2019

09.01.19|Lilach Baumer
The automotive chipmaker announced an agreement with the national mapping agency of the U.K., a partnership with French automaker Valeo, an autonomous public transportation project in China, and a new automatic measure to reduce accidents
חברת ADASKY כלי רכב

Magneti Marelli to Cooperate with Israel-Based Adasky

08.01.19|Tomer Hadar and Adi Pick
Adasky develops a high-resolution infrared sensor for autonomous vehicles capable of detecting objects around the car in low-visibility environments