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וידאו Ctech Mind the tech NY conference – Amit Rapaport

“Leading companies truly care about their employees”

Amit Rapaport, Co-Founder & CEO at Compete, spoke to CTech during Mind the Tech NY about salary benefit trends and employee satisfaction
יוני וסרמן ועמית רפופורט קומפיט

Compete cuts a quarter of its workforce six months after raising $15 million

The Israeli startup is parting ways with 11 of its 39 employees from its HR, marketing, and sales departments
Ctech Work Tech Amit Rapaport וידאו

Compete: “It doesn’t start and end with salary: you need to understand all the different components”

23.05.22|James Spiro
At WorkTech 2022, Compete Co-Founder and CEO Amit Rapaport discussed the challenge of offering employees a fair reimbursement package
Amit Jonathan Compete 20

“Entrepreneurship is not lonely here. I always have someone I can trust.”

You might expect a couple starting a company together to hit some bumps in their relationship, but Amit Rapaport and Jonathan Wasserman, co-founders of Compete, share that the process has been good for their marriage.
יוני וסרמן ועמית רפופורט קומפיט

Compete raises $15 million Series A for employee compensation and benefits benchmarking

15.03.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup’s platform provides insights into complete compensation package data and enables organizations to develop more effective workforce management strategies
עמית רפפורט מנכ"לית קומפיט

Compete is helping companies win the battle over talent

28.02.22|Yafit Ovadia
The husband-and-wife founders are rethinking human resources recruitment practices by streaming their insight-laden platform to tech companies, helping them gain a competitive edge in the job market
הצוות של קומפיט

HR-tech startup Compete appoints four new C-level executives

28.02.22|Yafit Ovadia
The startup has appointed four executives - three of whom are women - to lead its sales, human resources, product, and information security teams
Miriam Mark Compete 20

“You can be a CRO and be a mom. I'm proud of it.”

The most important aspect of sales is listening to the customer, says Miriam Mark, CRO at Compete.
Amit Rapaport Compete 20

“It's for my kids. I think that for the very first time, they see me and they're extremely proud.”

Michael Matias talks with Amit Rapaport, co-founder and CEO of Compete, about her journey in the startup world during the pandemic