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Ami Aharonovich

Warning: Israel must take more steps to stop USD decline or risk losing foreign R&D centers

20.01.21|Ami Aharonovich
The government must implement an active policy to bring the dollar back to the NIS 3.5 level or face the consequences
סין מטבע דיגיטלי e-RMB

China’s digital yuan: should Israel be concerned?

22.07.20|Dale Aluf
If the communist party decides who to block from the network, what will be the power of sanctions on Iran?
משכורת שכר כסף שקל

The Year of the Shekel

08.01.20|Adrian Filut and Adi Pick
The Israeli currency saw a steady rise in 2019
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The Shekel Continues to Appreciate

07.11.19|Shir Reiter
Since the beginning of the year, Israel’s currency roseby 6.6% compared to the U.S. dollar
ועידה כלכלית לאומית 2019 ד"ר גיל בפמן כלכלן ראשי בנק לאומי

Strengthening Shekel Leaves Israeli Goods Exporters Vulnerable, Says Leumi’s Chief Economist

02.09.19|Ran Abramson
Gil Bufman, the chief economist for Israel’s Bank Leumi, spoke Monday at Calcalist and Leumi's National Economic Conference in Tel Aviv
תומר בראל משנה למנכ"ל PayPal העולמית

If in 50 Years Libra Will Account for 5% of Global Transactions, it Will Be a Rousing Success, Says Facebook VP

18.06.19|Omer Kabir
On Tuesday, an association of corporations led by Facebook released the white paper for its new cryptocurrency, Libra, set to become available next year. Facebook and Calibra vice president Tomer Barel explained the new financial player in an interview with Calcalist
שקל דולר מט"ח מטבע חוץ שער חליפין כסף מזומן

Following Record Low, The Shekel Appreciates 1% Against the U.S. Dollar

07.08.18|Shir Reiter
After hitting an 18-month low on Monday, the value of the Israeli shekel appreciated 1% against the U.S. dollar Tuesday
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Five Signs That Institutional Investors Will Get Into Crypto in 2018

08.07.18|Eli Mizroch
Mutual funds, pension plans, and endowments are gearing up to get into the crypto ecosystem, writes cryptocurrency venture capitalist, Eli Mizroch
יניב גולן לול ונצרס lool Ventures

Why We Decided to Invest in a Crypto Company for the First Time

04.05.18|Yaniv Golan
When it comes to money, it’s all about trust. The same goes for cryptocurrencies, writes lool Ventures co-founder Yaniv Golan
קו חוף תל אביב זירת הנדלן

Tel Aviv Climbs to 9th Place Among Priciest Cities

15.03.18|Asaf Shalev
The Israeli tech hub is the second most expensive city in which to buy alcohol, according to a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit
בנימין נתניהו דאבוס

Israeli Prime Minister Says Government Should Avoid Moves to Shore Up Dollar

08.02.18|Adrian Filut, Tofi Stoler
Tech leaders gather to hear Benjamin Netanyahu say Israeli government is powerless to help shore up the value of the dollar against the shekel
הוועידה הכלכלית הלאומית 2017 ד״ר קרנית פלוג נגידת בנק ישראל בשיחה עם גולן פרידנפלד סגן עורכת כלכלי

Bank of Israel Buys $400 Million to Stabilize Appreciating Shekel

17.01.18|Adrian Filut, Shahar Ilan, and Amarelle Wenkert
The Israeli shekel has been appreciating against the U.S. dollar in 2017, reaching a seven-year high on Friday
מודיעין צה"ל מיחשוב 8200

CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

Israeli regulator proposes to ban crypto-focused companies from stock exchange. Israeli military unveils intelligence fusion unit. The shekel is getting stronger.
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The Shekel Appreciated Against All Major Currencies in 2017

04.01.18|Shahar Ilan
The value of the shekel went up 6.7% percent compared to the dollar over the past year