18 stories about ESG

Impacttech: Balancing between profit and purpose

05.09.23|James Spiro
The Jewish theory of Tikkun Olam - ‘repairing the world’ - is finally attracting the eyes of investors and corporations
כנס IPM דורית זק ליאת חזות מרב לוין ו רוני זכאי

“Israelis are a few steps behind Europe on ESG but they're obligated by regulators to state their stance”

Ronny Zakay, Merav Levin, and Liat Hazut spoke to Dorit Zak on stage at the Israel Private Markets Summit in Tel Aviv
Nina Rauch 20

“I really didn't believe that it was possible to find a job that was as impactful as this.”

Small donations quickly add up and shouldn’t be underestimated, says Nina Rauch, senior social impact lead at Lemonade
Irena Ben-Yakar  Deloitte Israel

For companies, ESG efforts invite both celebration and scrutiny

01.08.22|James Spiro
Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance is becoming a mainstay for companies - to the delight and ire of many
Ctech Work After Work Cecile Blilious

“The world of ESG is still a bit of a murky waters environment”

22.07.22|James Spiro
Cecile Blilious, Head of Impact and Sustainability at Pitango Venture Capital, discusses the importance of impactech for the benefit of the planet
ECOncrete התקנה יפו

From saving bees to eco-friendly concrete: Israel's promising ESG startups

BeeHero, ECOncrete, Ecoplant, Plantish, and ESGgo are active in different sectors, but are all companies trying to make the world a better place
פאנל KPMG הדבר הגדול הבא ESG

"Companies, employees and investors demand today a product with an impact"

08.06.22|Doron Broitman
"The advantage of high-tech is the ability to fix problems that affect the entire world," said Cecile Blilious, Head of Impact & Sustainability at Pitango Venture Capital, speaking as part of Calcalist and KPMG Israel’s The Next Big Thing session
מייסד שותף ומנכ”ל UBQ Materials ג’ק ביג’יו

UBQ Materials: The alchemist turning waste into reusable plastic

18.04.22|Meir Orbach and Raphael Kahan
The startup collects garbage from dumps and turns it into useful products
 סיון שמרי דהן Sivan Shimri Dahan Qumra Capital

Startup investors looking beyond the money in ESG

26.09.21|Allon Sinai
Three early-stage investors explain why they are giving more weight to the impact startups create rather than just focusing on financial growth
עמרי אורגד לומינטי נטוורקס

ESG investing strategies powered by public data – predicting companies future performance and impacting evaluation

09.09.21|Omri Orgad
"ESG factors don’t just indicate how much ‘good’ a company does in the world; they are a notable predictor of financial performance," writes Omri Orgad, North America, Managing Director at Bright Data
מימין ליאור פרוסור פאשה רומנובסקי ו אלון ליפשיץ

“ESG Investments aren’t just ethical, they’re helping make the world a better place”

30.08.21|Yafit Ovadia
Hanaco Ventures invests in companies that remain committed to improving environmental, social, and governmental standards, which it claims also yield better financial gains
ססיל בליליוס ראש תחום אימפקט וקיימות קרן פיטנגו כנס ESG

“Companies that add meaning to their operations build a stronger brand”

At Calcalist's ESG Investment Conference, Pitango’s Head of Impact and Sustainability Cecile Blilious called on industry trailblazers to make an impact
ארנית שנער מנהלת זרוע השקעות הון סיכון סיטי ישראל כנס ESG

"We are looking for investments in companies that benefit humanity"

Ornit Shinar, director of Citi's investment arm in Israel, explained how Citi will invest up to a trillion dollars in sustainable fields by 2030
רן עוז מנכ"ל מגדל ביטוח כנס ESG

"ESG investments protect returns and reduce risks”

31.05.21|Maayan Manela
Speaking at Calcalist's ESG Investment Conference, CEO of Migdal Insurance, Ran Oz added that “we can do both good for our clients and influence social trends”
קרולינה מיניו פאלאלו ראש תחום מוצרים ופתרונות גלובליים שרודרס כנס ESG

Inclusion and climate change increasingly becoming a priority for investors

Carolina Minio-Paluello, Global Head of Product, Solutions & Quant, at multinational asset management company Schroders discusses assesing ESG investments