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מוסף שבועי 4.1.24 פרופ' יואל מוקיר

"An agreement with the Palestinians is inevitable because they will acquire nuclear weapons"

07.01.24|Shlomo Teitelbaum
Prof. Joel Mokyr paints a nightmare scenario where both Israelis and Palestinians, and many others, have nuclear capabilities. But he also thinks that this is what will lead Israel to an agreement with the Palestinians
רוברט שילר

Robert Shiller: "The economic success of a country depends on people's belief in ultimate justice - not on the whims of an autocrat"

13.04.23|Sophie Shulman
The Nobel Laureate who predicted the dot-com bubble burst and housing market crash in 2008, says that he does not foresee an imminent recession, and also says that he regrets not signing a letter criticizing Israel’s judicial overhaul
פרופ' דארון אסמוגלו

“I'm not optimistic about the future of the global economy and I don't expect the next 10 years to be particularly good”

02.10.22|Adrian Filut
Prof. Daron Acemoglu, one of the world's leading economists and a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Economics, sees inflation as a greater threat to democracy and the fight against populism than it is to the cost of living
טיראן רוטמן

The dark side of an economic crisis among technology companies

19.06.22|Dr. Tiran Rothman
Explaining what economic "damage" is to a private startup company investor is arguably the most difficult challenge in an economic court, writes Dr. Tiran Rothman.
Yair Livne

“It's very hard to be the voice of truth and be an arbiter of every little fact”

Michael Matias speaks to former Quora VP of Product Yari Livne about politics, mathematics, and modeling degrees of desperation
איור מדור טכנולוגי טיקטוק

The rise of FinTok: TikTok fraught with danger for fledgling investors

16.12.20|Viki Auslander
Financial advice videos have been gaining steam on the preferred social network of Generation Z, but should someone be regulating who is educating youngsters on investing?
אנשים עם מסכות קורונה פריז

Leading economists, French finance minister weigh in on the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy

31.08.20|Einat Paz-Frankel, Start-Up Nation Central, a CTech partner
Following the pandemic, the world is experiencing an unprecedented crisis. “I don't expect the global economy to return to its 2019 levels prior to 2023,” said Prof. Jason Furman, a former advisor to the U.S. President
מוסף שבועי 30.7.20 בנימין נתניהו

Warning: Governments may get hooked on helicopter money

31.07.20|Sophie Shulman
The coronavirus crisis has led Israel, the U.S., and many other nations to hand citizens cash with no strings attached. Not only is this practice contrary to common economic wisdom, but it can also prove highly addictive
בני ברק קורונה פסח 2.4.20

Coronavirus Puts Haredi Suburb Bnei Brak on the Brink of Disaster

05.04.20|Shahar Ilan
Israel’s biggest ultra-Orthodox community languishes under lockdown with coronavirus leaving the already poverty stricken residents in dire straits
רונלד קרוז'בסקי

The Markets Realized the Coronavirus Is Another SARS and Moved On, Says Stifel CEO

24.02.20|Sophie Schulman and Golan Hazani
Ronald Kruszewski, CEO of American investment bank Stifel, believes that a democratic president threatens the U.S. stock market a lot more than the coronavirus
מגזין השקעות 25.12.19 פרופ' רוברט שילר

This Is a Period of Abundance, But a Strong Economy Is not the Same as Healthy, Says Economist

03.01.20|Viki Auslender
American economist and Noble laureate Robert Shiller accurately predicted the bursts of both the dot-com bubble and the housing bubble. He now urges fellow economists to look beyond the dry data and consider the narratives that drive people’s decision making
ועידת התחזיות 31.12.19 פרופ' ליאו ליידרמן

To Maintain Current Prosperity, Israel Must Stop Focusing on Short Term Policies, Says Economist

31.12.19|Tomer Hadar
Leonardo Leiderman, a professor of economics at Tel Aviv University and the chief economic advisor to Bank Hapoalim, spoke Tuesday at Calcalist’s Forecasts 2020 conference in Tel Aviv
פלסטינים מפגינים במחסום עופר הישראלי ליד רמאללה

Palestinian Authority Is Ill-Prepared to Live Up to its Threat of Economic Disengagement From Israel

13.08.19|Doron Peskin
Prominent voices within the Palestinian administration are calling for withdrawal from previous economic arrangements with Israel in protest of the country withholding Palestinian tax money
קניות מדפים סופר סופרמרקט מזון

You Have Been Nudged

08.03.19|Dov Greenbaum
Nudging—the form of benevolent manipulation that orchestrates our daily choices—has become increasingly prevalent in the past decade
משה כחלון שר האוצר מרץ 2018

Israel Revises Rules to Benefit Local Companies in Public Tenders

30.04.18|Adrian Filut
Government tenders will now favor Israeli companies over foreign competitors even when the local offering is up to 15% more expensive
קנאביס קנביס רפואי מריחואנה יצוא

Report Downplays Potential Impact of Cannabis Exports on Israel’s Economy

26.04.18|Adrian Filut
Israel would likely see around $70 million added to its economy annually, far less than previous projections of up to a billion dollars, according to the report
ביטקוין מטבע וירטואלי מטבעות דיגיטליים קריפטו 1

One Person Drove Bitcoin from $150 to $1,000, Study Finds

19.01.18|Hagar Ravet
Bitcoin price hike in 2013 can be tied to suspicious trades by one specific user, say researchers who analyzed leaked data from a now-defunct exchange