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מימין קארין אלהרר תמר זנדברג ו אורית פרקש הכהן

Israeli government earmarks almost $900 million for climatech development

27.06.22|Yuval Azulay
The goal of the program is to double the number of climatech start-up companies from 55 in 2021 to 110 companies by 2026, and to establish 10 Israeli venture capital funds that specialize in the field by 2026, compared to only one such fund at present
עובדי חברת יוטיליס

Satellite software startup Utilis raises $6 million to detect terrestrial water leaks

24.03.21|Yafit Ovadia
The company’s analytics were first used to detect water on Mars. Funds will be used to accelerate growth and help reduce climate crisis
זיהום אוויר אגזוז פליטה

Tel Aviv set to ban entry of polluting vehicles

22.09.20|Tomer Hadar
Municipality and Ministry of Environmental Protection plan to ban the entrance of polluting cars to Israel’s commercial capital within a year
מימין אסטורה מודנה ססיל בליליוס יואל חשין עוז קץ שבוע קיימות

Covid-19 is a global wake up call and a preview to an international environmental crisis

08.09.20|Tomer Hadar
Israeli and international investors discuss opportunities posed by environmental challenges at Calcalist and ESIL's "Sustainability and Innovation Week"
מוריץ ואן טול Maurits van Tol ועידת קיימות

Johnson Matthey promoting environmental protection and sustainability via Israeli innovation

07.09.20|Maayan Manela
"We hope that Israel creates such a vibrant development community that we will develop more and more technologies that we can deploy all around the world," said Maurits van Tol, Chief Technology Officer at Johnson Matthey
מימין אילון גניש קריסטין ריקרט אריאל פורת מוריץ ואן טול שבוע קיימות

Sustainability and technology: experts weigh in on business opportunities for multinationals and startups

On Day 2 of Calcalist and ESIL's "Sustainability and Innovation Week" experts discuss the ways technology is being used to better protect the environment
מימין אניה ולדן לורי בריסטו אלזבטה קליין עינת קלייך קלך ועידת קיימות וחדשנות

Sustainability as policy: How to regulate effectively without strangling the market

The first panel of Calcalist's "Sustainability and Innovation Week" focused on government policies encouraging green innovation - how to open up business opportunities while protecting the environment?
איתן סטיבה

The Climate Crisis is Painting the Capital Market Green

27.05.20|Eytan Stibbe
In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the oil wars, green investments are gaining strength. Only business management based on measuring both financial and social performance can lead to solutions for future crises
מוסף שבועי 13.6.19 סדרת פח פדל מ 1955 פח אשפה

In Israel, More Waste Just Means Bigger Trash Bins

21.06.19|Ari Libsker
Producing 20% more waste than the OECD average, Israelis have developed a new obsession with big, high end, smart garbage cans
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A Country Made of Plastic: Israel’s Addiction to Disposable Tableware

06.07.18|Ari Libsker
As countries worldwide attempt to reduce plastic consumption, in Israel demand for disposable tableware is on the rise