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Environmental responsibility conference CTech Jack Bigio

“The only way to combat landfills is to create alternative technologies”

30.04.23|Ariela Karmel
Jack ‘Tato’ Bigio, CEO and Co-Founder of UBQ Materials, spoke to CTech at the Food Waste and Sustainability conference in Tel Aviv about combating food waste and landfills
Environmental responsibility conference CTech Anat Natan

“We're here to transform the way we consume our food"

28.04.23|Ariela Karmel
Anat Natan, CEO and Co-Founder of ANINA, talked to CTech at the Food Waste and Sustainability conference in Tel Aviv about how changing food consumption can address food waste
Environmental responsibility conference CTech Michal Bitterman

“Food waste is a critical point of intervention”

28.04.23|Ariela Karmel
Michal Bitterman, CEO and Co-Founder of the Natural Step Israel, talked to CTech at the Food Waste and Sustainability conference in Tel Aviv about what needs to be done to combat food waste
כנס אחריות סביבתית  אפרת פרי מייסדת ומנכ"לית, SUFRESCA

Israeli startup developing a spray that preserves the shelf life of fruits and vegetables

25.04.23|Tomer Hadar
Sufresca CEO Efrat Boker Ferri spoke at Calcalist and Shufersal’s Food Waste and Environment conference about how Sufresca is combating food waste
Tal Shapira Amir Oranim Triple W

TripleW applies Israeli ingenuity to make waste history

06.09.22|Yonatan Sredni
Through their pioneering efforts in producing lactic acid from food waste to create bioplastics, a pair of childhood friends, Tal Shapira and Amir Oranim, are turning trash into treasure
Fabian Trumper Arsira Thumaprudti Ido Peled

Israeli innovation stopping food waste in its tracks

13.05.22|Yonatan Sredni
CTech talks to three Israeli startups using cutting-edge technology to tackle the global wastefulness of food
כנס אוכל וטכנולוגיה 23.4.18 אווירה אנשים

Where FoodTech meets the plate: The 11 finalists of Calcalist's Food Innovation Contest

02.08.20|Maayan Manela
From fruit-picking robots to food waste reduction AI, these companies are at the cutting edge of solutions the world is starving for
שליח שליחים משלוח מזון אוכל אפליקציה 2

Food Delivery Service with a Heart aims to Take On Wolt and 10bis

26.05.20|Meir Orbach
The TAKE App integrates donations of restaurants’ food surplus to the needy in its duopoly-busting business model
פנאי בירה ומאפיית אלחנן

Raise a Toast to Leftover Bread Beer

18.12.19|Reut Barnea
A Kibbutz bakery has found a new use for leftover bread: brewing it into delicious red ale
אוכל המבורגר צ'יפס

Feeling Trashy: These 10 Startups Aim to Reduce Food Waste

16.10.19| Adi Pick
Israeli households throw out 880 million kilograms of wasted food annually, which equates to a month and a half of food consumption per household
עץ בננות

Israeli Hackathon to Tackle Pressing Needs of Kibbutzim, Like What to Do With Banana Waste

22.09.19|Adi Pick
In October, 120 participants will partake in a 44-hour hackathon in northern Israel to offer solutions for various agricultural and environmental issues
אוכל סטייק בשר

New Mobile App Lets Tel Avivians Munch on Restaurant Leftovers

26.08.19|Tofi Stoler
SpareEat lets consumers buy fresh leftover dishes from restaurants, hotels, cafes, and supermarkets, which would otherwise get thrown out
עובד ממלא את מגשי ה ירקות ב סופרמרקט

Israel to Award $2.6 Million to a Supermarket Chain That Commits to Using More Packaging

19.08.19|Tofi Stoler
Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture announced Sunday it would award one supermarket chain the grant, part of a pilot program that would see food retailers pre-package produce to reduce food waste
מכונת קפה אספרסו

This Milk on Tap Startup Wants to Eliminate Spilled Milk

28.04.19|Omer Kabir
Milkit offers cafes and restaurants an electric milk-dispensing system that delivers accurately-measured doses of milk at the push of a button
כנס פוד טק דורון מרקו genie

Pod-to-Meal Startup Wants to Fight Food Waste, Unsatisfying Meals

05.03.19|Amitay Gazit
Doron Marco, co-founder of Israeli meal pod company Genie, spoke at Calcalist’s Food Industry and Tech conference in Tel Aviv
קופסת אוכל של בלו אפרון

Food Waste Elimination Startup Wasteless Raises $2 Million

14.10.18| Adi Pick
The company offers consumers differentiated pricing for food products based on their expiration date