12 stories about Fundraising
מימין עדי גוזס אנטריי קפיטל יעל אלרואי ויולה ונצ'ורס ליאור הנדלסמן קרן גרוב עדי הורוויץ'-לביא

What’s in store for the markets in 2022? VCs weigh in with some predictions

16.03.22|Yafit Ovadia
With fluctuating valuations, IPOs, acqui-hiring, and rising inflation, what can investors expect in 2022? Partners at Israeli venture capital firms weighed in with their assessments
אסף נבו מנכל PICO

“We had three options, go home, fundraise or sell the company. We did not go home"

17.12.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
After a $17 million investment vanished, Pico CEO Asaf Nevo opens up on what not many will. “There is an unbalanced situation between startups and investors”

Taiwanese giant Foxconn leads $25 million investment in Israel’s Powermat

15.12.21|Meir Orbach
“We raised $25 million from Foxconn and Hudson and expanded our B round that started in 2015 and continued to this day," said CEO Elad Dubzinski
משמאל עודד זהבי ו ערן קטוני Mesh Payments

Mesh Payments secures $50 million in B round led by Tiger Global

14.12.21|Meir Orbach
The payments management platform is expected to recruit dozens of new employees. CEO Oded Zehavi said “this is a very exciting time as we experience rapid growth”
איש עסקים מידע טכנולוגי

The link between business planning and preparing for battle

02.12.21|Shaul Olmert
When drawing a business plan, like on the battlefield, “things will happen unexpectedly,” writes Piggy CEO Shaul Olmert. However, “even if our business plan and forecasts are baseless, it is better to start with some foundation and adapt on the go.”
מוסף עצמאות 14.4.21 גל שאול ו סער יוסקוביץ' מיסדיי Augury

Augury secures $180 million Series E, takes valuation over $1 billion

26.10.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli company focuses on machine health, offering a platform that alerts to issues on production lines. Augury CEO: “When the right time comes we will go public"
תומר אמיתי סמנכ"ל כספים בחברת נטורל אינטליג'נס

Natural Intelligence targeting at least $100 million in first-ever funding round

25.10.21|Meir Orbach
Despite having revenues approaching half a billion dollars and being profitable, the Israeli company plans to raise at a valuation of over $1 billion in order to accelerate its growth
הסכם אי תחרות אנשי עסקים מתחרים

Even today, slow and steady wins the race

20.10.21|Shaul Olmert
“In a market largely driven by an ‘all or nothing’ mentality, it is no longer enough to showcase a quality product,” writes Shaul Olmert, however, “trying to convince investors, and yourself, that you have superpowers is a very bad idea”
צוות Panorays

Panorays secures $42 million in round B

23.09.21|Hagar Ravet
“We work in a very methodical manner, always thinking about what we really need in order to grow,” said CEO Matan Or-El. The cyber company’s clients include Mixpanel, AppsFlyer, and Payoneer
אסף ליפשיץ מנכל Sayata

Sayata raises $17 million for a marketplace for the insurance industry

25.08.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli insurtech company is planning to double its workforce in the next year. Asaf Lifshitz the CEO said that “the market has responded excellently to our solution”
עובדי חברת הסייבר האנטרס Hunters

Cyber company Hunters bags $30 million Series B

24.08.21|Meir Orbach
The new round puts the company over $50 million raised so far. Hunters is expected to add dozens of new employees in the next year
נאסדק נאסד"ק ניו יורק בורסה בועה

Without proper education, other countries will reap the rewards of Israeli unicorns

28.07.21|Sophie Shulman
If the new government will not implement tech education from an early age, it will be Ukraine, Poland, and India who will gain from Israeli ingenuity