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אופק 9 התעשייה האווירית לוויין ביון לווין

The New Israeli State-Owned Company Developing Secret Rocket Technology

31.05.20|Udi Etzion
‘Tomer’ is meant to act as a center of national expertise in the field of rocket propulsion, including the tech behind the Arrow missile and Shavit launcher
ועידת התחזיות 2019 בצלאל מכליס נשיא ו מנכ"ל אלביט

Elbit Systems Awarded $50 Million Aircraft Part Supply Contract

17.06.19|Adi Pick
Elbit specializes in a wide range of electro-optical systems, command and control systems, and unmanned aerial vehicles
בוצי מכליס בצלאל מכליס נשיא ו מנכל אלביט מערכות

Elbit Systems Completes IMI Acquisition

Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed off on the sale of state-owned IMI last week
תעשייה צבאית תע"ש מערכת הגנה רחפנים red sky 2

With New Acquisition, Elbit Aims to Take IMI's Arms to International Markets

21.11.18|Amitai Gazit and Adi Pick
Israel’s new interim defense minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, signed the documents that give Elbit control of IMI on Monday
עמדת נשק ימית של אלביט

Netanyahu Signs Agreement to Sell State-Owned IMI to Elbit Systems

20.11.18|Golan Hazani, Amitai Gazit, and Billy Frenkel
Israeli defense technology company Elbit Systems will pay the state NIS 1.8 billion ($484 million) for the arms manufacturer, but receive NIS 1.5 billion for vacated IMI real estate
מוסף שבועי 3.8.17 עו"ד מיכל הלפרין הממונה על ההגבלים העסקים

Israeli Regulator Approves Elbit’s Acquisition of Israeli Arms Manufacturer IMI

Elbit will pay around $520 million for the state-owned developer of the Uzi submachine gun
נשק רובה עוזי uzi gun

Elbit Closes Acquisition of Israeli Arms Manufacturer IMI

19.06.18|Golan Hazani
Elbit will pay up to NIS 1.9 billion (around $520 million). IMI is known as the developer of the Uzi submachine gun
ברלין אינספריישן 2

Israeli Defense Contractor Elbit Opens Berlin Office

Elbit said its Berlin office will serve the company as it expands activity in Germany
יוניברסל אוויוניקה אלביט

Israeli Weapons Maker Elbit on Path to Buy U.S.-Based Universal Avionics

22.03.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Elbit Systems received governmental approval to buy the American company. The deal is set to close in the coming weeks
בוצי מכליס בצלאל מכליס נשיא ו מנכל אלביט מערכות

Arms Race is On, Says Arms Manufacturer

21.03.18|Hezi Sternlicht
Israel-based defense contractor Elbit has seen an 11% increase in backlog in 2017 compared to 2016, largely driven by a worldwide increase in defense budgets
בוצי מכליס בצלאל מכליס נשיא ו מנכל אלביט מערכות

Elbit Wins $65 Million Contract to Supply Search and Rescue Systems to an Unnamed Country in Asia-Pacific

14.03.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Earlier this week, Elbit secured a deal to buy Israeli state-owned arms manufacturer IMI for $523 million
נשק רובה עוזי uzi gun

CTech’s Sunday Israeli Tech News Roundup

Israeli defense contractor Elbit to buy state-owned weapons manufacturer IMI, maker of the Uzi submachine gun. Holocaust law sees Polish bourse walled out of Tel Aviv Exchange bid
בוצי מכליס בצלאל מכליס נשיא ו מנכל אלביט מערכות

Israeli Defense Contractor Elbit to Buy State-Owned Weapons Manufacturer IMI for $523 Million

11.03.18|Omri Milman and Golan Hazani
In January, Calcalist reported that Elbit has reached the final stages of negotiations for the acquisition. The Israeli government agreed to privatize IMI in 2013
מלך תאילנד לוויה king of Thailand funeral

Israel’s “Red Sky 2” Drone Defender System Was Used for the First Time at Thai King’s Funeral

30.01.18|Israel Defense
Developed by Israeli arms manufacturer IMI Systems, Red Sky 2 was deployed to protect the participants of funeral ceremonies for the former King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej in October
בוצי מכליס בצלאל מכליס נשיא ו מנכל אלביט מערכות

Israeli Defense Contractor Elbit Wins $85 Million Deal for Electronic Warfare Systems

18.01.18|Amarelle Wenkert
As part of the four-year contract, Elbit will supply a range of advanced ground-based electronic warfare and signal intelligence systems to an unnamed European country
בוצי מכליס בצלאל מכליס נשיא ו מנכל אלביט מערכות

Elbit Nearing Acquisition of Israeli Arms Manufacturer IMI

15.01.18|Golan Hazani
If finalized, Israeli defense contractor Elbit would pay $515 million (NIS 1.75 billion) for the Israeli government-owned weapons manufacturer