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אלחנן שקד מנכ"ל CANNABOTECH

Cannabotech wants to raise $6 million in Israel’s first crowdfunded share issuance

Developer of medical solutions based on botanical combinations of cannabis extracts and fungi is planning to become a public, non-traded startup company
בכרי פיקודיה  מימין צביקה ברקאי יהודה יעבץ חן ו אלי בן סימון עם מערכת ה B Matrix

Hatzerim-based Picodya raises $10 million for rapid diagnostics innovation

11.08.20|Golan Hazani
Picodya develops an in vitro diagnostics (IVD) platform named B-Matrix and is valued at between $80 and $100 million
פרופ' לויד מיינור דיקן הפקולטה לרפואה בסטנפורד

Your Zip Code Is a Better Indicator of Lifespan Than Genetics, Says Stanford Dean of Medicine

19.06.19|Adrian Filut
In a recent interview with Calcalist, Lloyd B. Minor said that healthcare systems should be asking themselves not how to cure people but how to help them be healthy
Laminate למינייט

Vascular Support Startup Laminate Raises $12 Million

31.01.19|Hagar Ravet
Laminate develops a vascular support device that can be placed over the vein in patients requiring dialysis to ensure sufficient blood flow
מוטי שניברג  CyberMDX

Medical Cybersecurity Startup CyberMDx Raises $10 Million

17.07.18|Tofi Stoler
CyberMDx’s system monitors a medical facility’s network to automatically identify the most crucial devices and assess potential risks
A colony of haploid human embryonic stem cells תאי גזע

NewStem, Which Screens Patients for Resistance to Chemotherapy, Raises $2 Million

16.07.18|Asaf Shalev
The Jerusalem-based startup is creating a proprietary database of mutated genes that cause resistance to different types of chemotherapeutic agents
מוסף שבועי 27.10.16 שרימפ עברי

Dutch Animal Feed Company Nutreco Invests in Medical Aquafarming Startup ViAqua

ViAqua develops a particle-based matrix for delivering antiviral medication to shrimp
תרופות זירת הבריאות

Entera Bio Gives Nasdaq IPO Another Shot

21.05.18|Dror Reich
This is the fourth time since 2014 that the Jerusalem-based biomed company files for an initial public offering on Nasdaq
גיא איזיקיאל קרן פיטנגו

Israeli Venture Capital Firm Pitango Appoints Guy Ezekiel as General Partner

15.05.18|Hagar Ravet
Before joining Pitango, Mr. Ezekiel was president and CEO of Israel-based medical device company Ventor, acquired by Medtronic in 2009
דפנה קולר מייסדת ו נשיאה  קורסרה coursera הוועידה המוטסת גלריה

Coursera Co-Founder Daphne Koller Launches New AI Drug Development Startup

06.05.18|Tofi Stoler
In February, Ms. Koller left her position as chief computing officer at Google’s biotech company Calico
עלה קנאביס

Israeli Pharmacies To Begin Selling Medical Marijuana Products

09.04.18|Sefi Krupsky
On April 20, selected Israeli pharmacies will begin selling prescription cannabis products as part of a pilot program for the regulation of medical marijuana sales in Israel
רובע חדשנות חיפה הייטק ישראלי

City of Haifa Launches Digital Health Complex Set Up by Venture Capitalist Erel Margalit

11.03.18|Hagar Ravet
The 11,840-square-foot complex is set to house a startup accelerator, a venture capital fund, a student accelerator, workspaces for entrepreneurs, and a public event hall
ילד חולה ילדים חולים

Israeli Telehealth Startup Tyto Care Raises $21 Million

28.01.18|Meir Orbach
Tyto Care develops a digital stethoscope for remote medical testing and diagnosis
שם: מעבדה ביוטק וושי אפטק Lab Biotech WuXi AppTec

Merck, China’s WuXi AppTec to Launch Biotech Incubator in Israel

25.12.17|Meir Orbach
Israel-born businessman Mori Arkin and life sciences-focused venture capital fund Pontifax are also partners in the venture, set to launch in 2018