10 stories about Meet&Tech
 Tal Barnoach Ctech Meet_altTech וידאו

“Companies that were at high valuations went down 50, 60, 70, or 80%.”

15.05.22|James Spiro
Tal Barnoach, General Partner at Disruptive Technologies, discussed the current state of the market and how that impacts early-stage investments in Startup Nation
 Ami Gal Ctech Meet_altTech וידאו

SQream: “We grew 10x last year in revenues and we are probably going to grow 4x this year”

15.05.22|James Spiro
Ami Gal, Co-Founder and CEO at SQream, spoke to CTech about its ambitious plans for the future
Ofer Schreiber Ctech Meet_altTech וידאו

Cybersecurity “has real adversaries” that must be defeated, explains YL Ventures

15.05.22|James Spiro
Ofer Schreiber, Partner and Head of Israel Office at YL Ventures, spoke about cybersecurity and its challenges in the investment world
Ilan Dorot Ctech Meet_altTech וידאו

Dueto: “The recruiting funnels and sources are maxed out” in Startup Nation

14.05.22|James Spiro
Ilan Dorot, VP of Business and Strategy at Dueto, discusses the supply and demand challenges in Israel’s high-tech scene
Rinat Yogav Ctech Meet_altTech וידאו

“We are focused on the GM mission: Zero emissions, zero congestion, and zero crashes”

14.05.22|James Spiro
Rinat Yogev, Partner at GM Ventures, spoke to CTech at Meet&Tech about how it invests in companies
 Hamutal Meridor Ctech Meet_altTech וידאו

“These are interesting times, the past two years have been quite hectic”

12.05.22|James Spiro
Hamutal Meridor, Partner at Vintage Investment Partners, joined CTech at Meet&Tech to discuss her experience in the field
Michael Gabay Ctech Meet_altTech וידאו

“Trigo is changing the retail market”

12.05.22|James Spiro
Michael Gabay, CEO at Trigo, joined CTech to share the company’s plans for the future
Amos Hagag Ctech Meet_altTech וידאו

How did Optibus take the top spot in Calcalist’s annual startup ranking?

11.05.22|James Spiro
Optibus Co-Founder and CEO Amos Haggiag joined CTech at Meet&Tech to discuss the company’s ranking as the country’s most promising tech company
Ran Ginosar Ctech Meet_altTech וידאו

“There is a clear demand and clear need for space”

11.05.22|James Spiro
Calcalist’s third most promising Israeli startup of 2022, Ramon.Space, spoke with CTech about its place in a steadily growing market
Paul Donovan Ctech Meet_altTech וידאו

“People who have different ways of thinking about the world are absolutely critical”

10.05.22|James Spiro
Paul Donovan, Chief Economist at UBS Global Wealth Management, spoke to CTech at Meet&Tech to discuss the importance of diversity in the workforce during the 4th industrial revolution