Mind the Tech NY 2021

20 stories about Mind the Tech NY 2021
שולחן עגול באירוח לאומיטק מימין מנכ"לית לאומיטק תימור ארבל סדרס ו אורי קאופמן גפטר מנהלת לאומיטק ארה"ב ועידת ניו יורק Mind The Tech NY

LeumiTech CEO: For companies raising capital, “the cost of debt becomes negligible”

Timor Arbel-Sadras spoke at a roundtable panel during Mind the Tech NY 2021 alongside head of International and tech banking at Bank Leumi USA, Ori Kaufman-Gafter, and industry leaders
 ועידת ניו יורק 2021 פיל ונבלס אבי שוע ג'וש ברנן

“We think Israel is the best place to invest in cybersecurity”

Said John Brennan, a partner at YL Ventures, during a panel on cybersecurity alongside Orca Security CEO Avi Shua and Google Cloud CISO Phil Venables
 ועידת ניו יורק 2021 נדב ממן מייסד משותף וסמנכ"ל טכנולוגיות, Deep Instinct

“80% of cyberattacks were new unknown threats”

Deep Instinct CTO Nadav Maman said we are approaching a time where “humans alone will not be able to deal with the size of information and amount of complexity and attacks staged”
 ועידת ניו יורק 2021 ג'יי ג'ייקובס מנהל המחקר והאסטרטגיה,  Global X

“We only want these companies that are really leading in their fields.”

On stage at Mind the Tech NY 2021, Jay Jacobs, head of research and strategy at Global X, explained the idea behind thematic investing
 ועידת ניו יורק 2021 דניאל לאון מייסד שותף וCOO -, צלזיוס

Celsius COO: Give Satoshi Nakamoto a Nobel

Daniel Leon believes the founder of Bitcoin “brought more economic prosperity to hundreds of thousands of people than most economists in academia”
ועידת ניו יורק סיטק  meirav oren

Versatile proves that contech is finally having its moment

18.11.21|James Spiro
Meirav Oren, co-founder and CEO of Versatile, spoke at Mind The Tech about how investors have changed their minds about contech
 ועידת ניו יורק 2021 דקל ולצר מייסד משותף ומנכ"ל  Avo

Avo CEO: “The current e-commerce model does not work”

Dekel Valtzer believes his company’s approach benefits both consumers and e-commerce providers alike
 ועידת ניו יורק 2021 קארל אשנבך שותף בקרן סקויה

​​Carl Eschenbach: We will help Israeli companies reach $100 billion valuations

Speaking at a panel during Mind the Tech NY 2021 that included Salt Security CEO Roey Eliyahu, the Sequoia Capital Partner discussed his firm’s faith in the cybersecurity company
ג'ון קורנגולד, מנהל קרן הצמיחה (BXG) ומנהל משותף של תחום ההשקעות בטכנולוגיה, בלקסטון

“Israel is the most dynamic market we look at”

Jon Korngold, the Global co-head of Technology Investing and Head of Blackstone Growth, told Calcalist’s Sophie Shulman. “You've got companies built for globalization from day one”
 ועידת ניו יורק 2021 לוטן לבקוביץ עמנואל לגאריג'  רונן לביא  אסף כהן  תומר פורן  שולחן עגול גרוב ונצ'רס

“There is plenty of data, but it is difficult to use it”

Metrolink CEO Asaf Cohen was speaking at a Grove Ventures’ roundtable during Mind the Tech NY 2021 alongside Active Fence’s Tomer Poran, General Atlantic's Emmanuel Lagarrigue, and Navina AI’s CEO Ronen Lavi
ועידת ניו יורק סיטק  jennifer griffin

“The innovation coming out of Israel is truly stunning,” says Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin

17.11.21|James Spiro
Jennifer Griffin joined James Spiro at Calcalist’s Mind The Tech to discuss Israel’s shifting role on the global stage
ועידת ניו יורק סיטק  erel Margalit

Margalit: Israeli startups in New York “give the West Coast a run for its money”

17.11.21|James Spiro
Erel Margalit spoke to James Spiro at Calcalist’s Mind The Tech conference to discuss the Israeli ecosystem in the Big Apple
גסאגר קולקארני, שותף בקרן  Stripes ו  נטהלי רפואה, שותפה בקרן הצמיחה של ויולה

“I can imagine Israeli megacorns sometime in the future”

Natalie Refuah, a partner at Viola Growth, said about the Israeli ecosystem in a panel with Saagar Kulkarni of Stripes Group who added “Israel has been, aside from the U.S., the number one geography we invested in over the last three years”
 ועידת ניו יורק 2021 סאמר ג'אסר מנהל מחלקת האסטרטגיה והאנליטיקה של אלופת ה NBA- מילווקי באקס

“Build on what is working and not focus on what is failing.”

Samer Jassar, the director of basketball strategy and analytics for NBA champion the Milwaukee Bucks explained why, when using data, you should “choose the right problem” to solve to make the most impact
 ועידת ניו יורק 2021 אראל מרגלית מייסד קרן JVP ו Margalit StartUp City-

Erel Margalit to New York: Want to give the West Coast a battle? Partner with Israel

Speaking with FOX News reporter Jennifer Griffin, the founder and executive chairman of JVP and Margalit StartUp City said: “We are creating a little kibbutz in Soho”
 ועידת ניו יורק 2021 טל חלוזין מייסד ו CTO ב אינוביד

“Software is eating the world of television”

CTO and co-founder of Innovid Tal Chalozin added at Mind the Tech NY 2021 that: “The television is having an iPhone moment”
 ועידת ניו יורק 2021 אלון בלוך מיכאל שאולוב  חני גולדשטיין איתי פלב

“We saw a shift in the mindset of many companies, investors, and corporations“

Itay Falb, a partner at KPMG Israel, was speaking in a discussion on the issue of scaling during the pandemic alongside Alon Bloch, the CEO of K-Health, Fireblocks co-founder Michael Shaulov, Snappy CEO Hani Goldstein, moderated by Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski
 ועידת ניו יורק 2021 דינה פסקא רז שותפה וראש מערך טכנולוגיה KPMG ,ישראל

“If the high tech industry won’t be gracious in victory,” it can lose what it gained

That is according to Dina Pasca-Raz, Partner and Head of Technology at KPMG Israel, who spoke at Mind the Tech NY 2021 and called on the industry to do more to counter global challenges
 ועידת ניו יורק  ג'ון קרטיס שותף בקרן טייגר גלובל מיכאל רייטבלט מייסד ומנכ"ל פורטר

“Over time, Israel will start and feel more like Silicon Valley”

John Curtius, a Partner at Tiger Global, was speaking at Mind the Tech NY 2021 with Forter CEO Michael Reitblat, who said “it is ​​all about execution, about how we build our team”
 ועידת ניו יורק mind the tech 2021 נמרוד קוזלובסקי

“This conference is, in a sense, a wake-up call for the industry to grow up“

16.11.21|Elihay Vidal
Speaking at ​​Calcalist’s Mind the Tech NY 2021 conference Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski called for “different conduct, which encompasses aspects of corporate governance, financial planning, and transparency,” as Israeli companies rapidly scale