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ד"ר טל זקס מנהל רפואי מודרנה

Moderna’s resigning CMO says he achieved what he cared about

25.02.21|Sophie Shulman
Tal Zaks: I never imagined that I’d develop a vaccine for the worst pandemic of our times
ד"ר טל זקס מודרנה מנהל רפואי חיסון קורונה

Tal Zaks leaving Moderna after six years as Chief Medical Officer

25.02.21|Mickey Greenfeld
“Through his leadership over the past year in Moderna’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tal has made a contribution that extends beyond Moderna to all of society,” says CEO
ד"ר טל זקס  חיסון מודרנה  קורונה

Moderna CMO suggests Israel is on its radar for new vaccine production facility

25.02.21|Sophie Shulman
Tal Zaks says the drugmaker has already produced a booster shot to counter the South African variant, says his mom in Israel received the competition’s vaccine
תור חיסון קורונה כיכר רבין תל אביב

How is technology and data helping Israel become the first country to vanquish Covid-19?

10.01.21|Elihay Vidal
Israel is well on its way to vaccinating its entire adult population and in exchange for delivering millions of vaccine doses, the government has pledged to give drugmaker Pfizer medical data on the millions of vaccine recipients from the health system’s vast databases
תור למתן חיסון נגד קורונה 1

These are the key ingredients of Israel's rapid Covid-19 vaccine rollout recipe

Two weeks into its vaccination drive, Israel has reached nearly 15% of the population by paying premium prices, relying on universal healthcare, and minimizing waste
חיסון קורונה מודרנה covid-19

Moderna says the first shipments of its vaccines is set to arrive in Israel this month

The U.S. drugmaker says Israel is the first county outside of North America to authorize the use of its Covid-19 shots
            תחנת חיסון קורונה קופת חולים מכבי

Will the quickly developed vaccines deliver Covid-19 a knockout blow?

13.12.20|Sophie Shulman
An urgent global crisis, near-limitless funds, and a scientific development ripe for use combined to produce rapid results, but will today’s vaccines eradicate the pandemic?
מנהל המכון הביולוגי נס ציונה פרופ' שמואל שפירא

“Excessive regulation” to blame for delay in Israeli Covid-19 vaccine says professor in charge

Director of the Israel Institute for Biological Research says vaccines will be distributed in the summer of 2021
כיתוב אוניברסיטת ת"א פרופ גרשוני

New innovative vaccines by Moderna and Pfizer are safe, says top Israeli virologist

24.11.20|Yafit Ovadia
“There isn’t any need for alarm,” says virologist about new coronavirus vaccines
מימין דרק זנוטו יבגני דיברוב ועידת ניו יורק

Markets may recover from pandemic soon, says CapitalG investor

Vaccine announcements, possible removal of U.S. travel ban and other factors will contribute to economic recovery, senior investors say in Calcalist and CTech’s Mind the Tech virtual conference
חברת תרופות מודרנה חיסון קורונה מבוסטון מסוצ'סטס

What is Moderna’s chief scientist saying and how does coffee make it to your mug?

CTech Daily Roundup: In the absence of acquisitions, IPOs are swooping in to save the tech scene
ד"ר טל זקס מנהל רפואי מודרנה

Moderna’s chief scientist says company initiated vaccine deal with Israel

16.11.20|Sophie Shulman
Israeli scientist Tal Zaks says Israel will be among the first to receive doses from the company’s European plant
חברת תרופות מודרנה חיסון קורונה מבוסטון מסוצ'סטס

Moderna joins Pfizer, says its vaccine is 94.5% effective in preventing Covid-19

A key advantage of Moderna's vaccine is that it does not need ultra-cold storage like Pfizer's, making it easier to distribute
חיסון תרופה קורונה אילוסטרציה

As the Covid-19 vaccine arms race intensifies, big money is at risk

10.08.20|Sophie Shulman
Governments want to be among the first to get their hands on the coveted solution, but they are also risking money that could be used to strengthen their healthcare system
הדמיה חיסון תרופה קורונה covid 19

Place your bets: Which company will reach a Covid-19 vaccine first?

02.08.20|Sophie Shulman
Moderna may be creating all the buzz, but it is the youngest and least experienced of the contestants, playing an all or nothing game
ריגול ממשלתי ניטור המוני פרטיות מצלמות מעקב 1

Which VC raised $250 million and why is an Israeli tracing app raising privacy concerns?

CTech Daily Roundup: Coronavirus-led protectionism poses a challenge to both our economies, says Irish ambassador to Israel
קורונה חולה מובלת לבית החולים החדש ב ווהאן סין 4.2.20

Israel signs deal to acquire Covid-19 vaccine from Moderna

16.06.20|Ynetnews and CTech
Moderna announced it was concluding its phase two testing for the vaccine and plans to begin phase three with 30,000 participants in July. The company claimed it could start production of the vaccine as soon as September of this year