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מטה אנבידיה בסנטה קלרה קליפורניה

Nvidia’s financial leap confirms accelerating AI industry

23.05.24|Omer Kabir
Nvidia smashed revenue forecasts with a 262% jump to $26 billion. Net profit soared 628% to $14.88 billion. The company raised its forecasts and expects revenues of $28 billion in the next quarter
מחאה ב אוניברסיטת קולומביה נגד ישראל

Israel's tech boom faces global headwinds amid geopolitical tensions

06.05.24|Omer Kabir
Fallout in academia, with boycotts of Israeli researchers and cancellations of collaborations, threatens the R&D pipeline critical to Israel's tech prominence. This chilling effect could severely undermine the sector's competitiveness over time.
מנכ"ל אפל טים קוק בפתיחת חנות אפל בשנגחאי

Apple's AI shortcomings put Samsung's smartphones back in the lead

18.04.24|Omer Kabir
In the first quarter, iPhone sales fell by 9.6% and Samsung returned to dominate the market. Apple will look to show it has closed the gap in the AI race in its conference in June. The obstacle: a Chinese ban on government employees using iPhones
שלומית וייס מנהלת ראשית של ארגון ההנדסה של אינטל העולמית

SVP Shlomit Weiss leaving Intel amid engineering reorganization

17.04.24|Omer Kabir
Weiss returned to Intel three years ago to serve as senior vice president and co-general manager of its Design Engineering Group. Intel confirmed her departure but asserted that Weiss' retirement was unrelated to an ongoing engineering reorganization process
 Sergey Brin (left), Mark Zuckerberg

The AI talent gold rush: Tech giants offering million-dollar salaries, accelerated options

03.04.24|Omer Kabir
The technology giants are chasing after the hot talents in artificial intelligence with lucrative pay offers and an accelerated track for options. Google founder Sergey Brin even called one of the engineers to prevent him from moving to OpenAI
חמ"ל של מערך הסייבר הלאומי סייבר

Israel confronts sharp rise in cyber attacks from Iran and Hezbollah amid war

31.03.24|Omer Kabir
According to the annual report published by Israel’s National Cyber Directorate, from October 7 to the end of 2023, the number of cyber attacks jumped by 2.5 times
 מונית יאנגו

Yango divests Israeli taxi operations to local investors

21.03.24|Omer Kabir
Established by the Russian technology firm Yandex, Yango is restructuring its operations amid sanctions imposed on Russian companies due to the Ukraine invasion. This includes transitioning taxi operations to local franchisees across various countries
מימין משרדי גוגל תל אביב ו לוגו אפל

Is the Google-Apple AI deal a game changer?

18.03.24|Omer Kabir
According to Bloomberg, Apple is holding negotiations to integrate Google's artificial intelligence engine into its iPhones; the deal could make Google one of the clear winners in the AI race, and will improve Apple's capabilities in the field
 Michael Rogers

Former NSA Director Michael Rogers: "The acquisition of Talon shows that the Israeli tech model is very vibrant and is recognized for its excellence"

06.03.24|Omer Kabir
"Even after October 7, Israel's reputation in cybersecurity remains incredibly strong," said Michael Rogers, former head of the National Security Agency and current Team8 Operating Partner