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חוף ב חדרה זיהום של זפת

"It is high time to acknowledge water pollution and its eradication as a central agenda"

18.03.21|Ari Goldfarb
The time has come for an environmental revolution for the quality of our water sources and the best solutions are those offered to us by the brilliant Israeli mind
מונית צהובה טסלה מכונית חשמלית

Keep inhaling those fumes: Tesla Israel is refusing to sell its vehicles as taxis

14.02.21|Udi Etsion
Though the electric vehicle’s range is suited to the Israeli cab driver, the company says it prefers to focus on private buyers for now
זיהום אוויר אגזוז פליטה

Tel Aviv set to ban entry of polluting vehicles

22.09.20|Tomer Hadar
Municipality and Ministry of Environmental Protection plan to ban the entrance of polluting cars to Israel’s commercial capital within a year
עינת קליין קלך מנהלת מערך חדשנות בזן חדש

Oil refining and petrochemicals giant Bazan ready to promote innovation in renewable energy

06.09.20|Lior Gutman
Bazan Group's innovation platform, Bnnovation, is meant to facilitate the company's expertise in the fields of energy, renewable energy and industry 4.0
מפעל של רכב פולקסווגן ב גרמניה

Israel files $152 million Dieselgate lawsuit against Volkswagen

06.07.20|Lital Dobrovitsky
The state claims the German carmaker intentionally misled its regulators to allow some 12,000 vehicles to enter the country, resulting in 3,881 tonnes of excessive NOx gasses emissions
זיהום אוויר ב מפרץ חיפה

Israeli Air Quality Control Startup Urecsys Raises Additional $3 Million

14.04.20|Adi Pick
Urecsys develops air treatment technologies for optimizing air quality in residential and commercial buildings
זיהום אוויר ב מפרץ חיפה

Air Quality Startup Urecsys Raises $4 Million

Urecsys develops air treatment technologies for optimizing air quality within residential and commercial buildings
זיהום אוויר ב מפרץ חיפה

Industrial Pollution in Israel Continues to Rise

11.12.19|Lilach Baumer
While the waste generated by Israel's manufacturing and electricity industries is on the rise, per capita Israel is still under the European Union average, according to a new report
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Ofer Family Facilities Cost Israel Over $300 Million in Public Health Damages in 2018

10.12.19|Lior Gutman
The Ofer family owns or holds stakes in various industrial companies, including Israel Corp., private power company OPC, and oil refining company Bazan
מוסף שבועי 22.11.19 רוברט קנדי ג'וניור

Pollution Violates the Public’s Property Rights, Says Activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

05.12.19|Amir Kurz
Kennedy, a lawyer and environmental activist whose controversial views on vaccines and his own father’s assassination often raise eyebrows, spoke to Calcalist during a recent visit to Israel
תל אביב קו רקיע Tel Aviv Skyline

Tel Aviv’s Wastewater Management Body to Make Fertilizer out of Waste

30.09.18|Lilach Baumer
The local plant currently treats municipal wastewater from over 2.5 million people in the greater Tel Aviv Area
שיתוף פעולה בין בריזומיטר הישראלית ל חברת הלה הגרמנית BreezoMeter HELLA

Air Quality Data Startup BreezoMeter Raises $7.7 Million

BreezoMeter aggregates air quality data from multiple sources, offering it to businesses. Clients include Cisco and auto part manufacturer Faurecia