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פרויקט הסטארטאפים 2019 riskified עידו גל

Riskified laying off 6% of team as growth stutters

The fintech company is parting ways with over 40 employees, with CEO Eido Gal explaining that despite the company’s best efforts to grow its revenue while reducing spending, it requires a faster process to reach its EBITDA targets
יום השיבוש הלאומי הפגה מחאה הייטקיסטים הייטק הרצליה

Flying the coup: Following the money, employees leaving Israel too

09.03.23|Sophie Shulman
The closing of international development centers and the brain drain are the biggest threats to the economy in the long term
Ctech Tech TLV Hilla Peled

"We need to find the balance between leveraging innovative AI solutions and using them cautiously"

01.12.22|Noa Gadot
"People are wondering how we can give over our power to machines? The answer is that humans make mistakes too,” added Hilla Peled, VP Data Science at Riskified
מגזין עצמאות 4.5.22 בכירי ריסקיפייד פותחים את המסחר בניו יורק

The secret behind the surprise success of Monday, Fiverr and Riskified

16.11.22|Sophie Shulman
Israeli-founded SaaS companies published extremely positive results for the third quarter of the year, but they should not necessarily be seen as a signal for continued improvement in 2023
מימין איתי בן זאב מנכ"ל הבורסה יאיר נחמד מנכ"ל נאייקס

The American dream could end as a nightmare for Israeli tech hopefuls

07.02.22|Sophie Shulman
The dream of Israeli tech companies, such as Nayax and HUB Security, to be listed on Wall Street remains understandably strong, but local firms had better keep their eyes wide open, as investors overseas tend to be far less forgiving
חתימה הסכם ישיבה

Israeli unicorns turning to M&As to satisfy investors massive appetite for growth

18.10.21|Sophie Shulman
With organic growth slowing down, and plenty of capital in the coffers courtesy of investors, growth acquisitions have become a key tool in the arsenal of companies desperate to generate a return for investors who believed in them
ארז שחר קרן קומרה שיחת ועידה בנקאות חדשה

Riskified IPO: Entrepreneurs with no glass ceilings

30.07.21|Erez Shachar
Riskified’s IPO on the NYSE is another achievement of the Israeli tech ecosystem, but even more so it is a testament to the abilities of the new generation of local entrepreneurs
עידו גל, מייסד ומנכ"ל ריסקיפייד

Riskified to hit NYSE at $3.3 billion valuation

29.07.21|Sophie Shulman
Israeli fraud management platform raised higher-than-expected $368 million in IPO thanks to high demand
נאסדק נאסד"ק ניו יורק בורסה בועה

Without proper education, other countries will reap the rewards of Israeli unicorns

28.07.21|Sophie Shulman
If the new government will not implement tech education from an early age, it will be Ukraine, Poland, and India who will gain from Israeli ingenuity
עידו גל, מייסד ומנכ"ל ריסקיפייד

Riskified aiming for $3 billion valuation in NYSE IPO

19.07.21|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli online payments fraud prevention company is looking to raise at least $315 million
פרויקט הסטארטאפים 2019 riskified עידו גל

Israeli unicorn Riskified heading to Wall Street

02.07.21|Sophie Shulman
The online payments fraud prevention company filed a registration statement with the SEC after already reaching a $1 billion valuation in 2019
ליאור חמו Riskified

Say yes to opportunities that come your way

08.03.21|Lior Hemo
"Even if a role seems too big for you, say yes, and make up for the supposed gap as you go," writes Customer Trust Team Lead at Riskified, Lior Hemo
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Israel’s Fintech ecosystem is helping usher in a new era of global finance

As one of the major industries propelling the Israeli economy, the Fintech sector has been instrumental in maintaining the Startup Nation’s role as an innovation hub
רותם אמיתי Rotem Amitai Riskified

Work routines are a lot more flexible post-Covid-19, says Riskified’s VP of HR.

The workforce has seen many changes in 2020, but for Riskified not all of them have been negative, as Rotem Amitai tells CTech
שמואל אלבין מון אקטיב

Israeli tech workers are in for a billion shekel payday

01.10.20|Sophie Shulman
Despite pandemic woes, several thousand veteran tech professionals are seeing nice earnings from secondary stock sales
בורסה נאסד"ק ישראל הייטק חדשנות

11 Israeli-founded startups named Covid Disrupters by the New York–Israel Business Alliance

Guided by data, it monitors economic development activity and trends in the public and private sectors to identify bilateral business growth potential.
ראש השנה הסיני סין פסטיבל האביב אופיר דור

Covid-19 has Not Lessened Israeli Companies’ Interest in Entering the Chinese Market

Companies including Tel Aviv-based online payments fraud prevention company Riskified are working on opening their first offices in China