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מנכ"ל אפל טים קוק בפתיחת חנות אפל בשנגחאי

Apple's AI shortcomings put Samsung's smartphones back in the lead

18.04.24|Omer Kabir
In the first quarter, iPhone sales fell by 9.6% and Samsung returned to dominate the market. Apple will look to show it has closed the gap in the AI race in its conference in June. The obstacle: a Chinese ban on government employees using iPhones
סמסונג גלקסי A55

Samsung Galaxy A55: Good, but not outstanding

16.04.24|Itai Smuskowitz
Samsung is updating its A series, which looks similar to the flagship devices but offers slightly weaker performance. The new A55 will suffice most of the needs of many users, but does not stand out against the crowded competition in the category
סמסונג גלקסי S23 FE

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE: The fan edition is back - but is relatively pricey

25.12.23|Itai Smuskowitz
Samsung has launched another sub-series of its flagship device, which is very similar to the premium versions, but with some slight compromises and a price that is not attractive enough, says Itai Smuskowitz, CTech's smartphone critic
סמסונג גלקסי פולד 5

Is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 worth the investment? A detailed analysis

02.10.23|Itai Smuskowitz
Samsung's new smartphone-tablet has undergone a minimal upgrade over the previous model, but according to CTech's gadget reviewer Itai Smuskowitz, it still provides an experience that no regular smartphone can offer
פילטרים בסמסונג A34

Samsung's Galaxy A34: A balanced review of performance and compromises

23.08.23|Itai Smuskowitz
“The Galaxy A34 delivers reasonable value, considering the compromises. However, for a similar price or a slight increase, one can find more appealing alternatives that offer a more satisfying overall experience,” writes Itai Smuskowitz, CTech's smartphone critic
סמסונג פליפ 5

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5: Unfolding the next chapter in smartphone evolution

13.08.23|Itai Smuskowitz
Rather than perceiving the new Galaxy Z Flip 5 as an entirely distinct entity, one can liken it to a Galaxy S23 with an added folding dimension, writes Itai Smuskowitz, CTech's smartphone critic
Team Finest

Samsung to collaborate with Israeli eSports gaming team

The Korean tech giant will partner with Team Finest by sponsoring activities on social networks, competitions, events, and more
רותי הדר סמסונג 2

Joining Samsung was not very different from my startup days

23.06.21|Sponsored Content
Rutie Adar, Head of Israel, Samsung Strategy & Innovation Center, believes that having a wide lens that includes the humanities and social studies enables better decision making and to become a better-rounded thinker
Women's Day VC

“They have this image of a successful entrepreneur... and then along comes a woman”

08.03.21|James Spiro
CTech spoke with 10 women in the VC space to learn some of the ways the industry has changed in relation to diversity and inclusion
Dotan Knaan

“Whenever I have to think about whether I should do something or not, my approach is yes, do it"

Dotan Knaan, a senior software engineer at Samsung Research talks to Michael Matias about the still unfullfilled promise of augmented reality
רותי אדר Rutie Adar Samsung

Israeli startups can become major players in the quantum computing ecosystem

16.12.20|Rutie Adar
Some applications, especially in optimization and quantum chemistry, will potentially be ready for implementation in the coming years.
אדם מחופש ל גלקסי נוט 7

10 Biggest Tech Fails of the Decade

29.12.19|Raphael Kahan
From anonymous social networks, through failed IPOs, to combustible smartphones, Calcalist reporter Raphael Kahan gathered the 10 most cringe-worthy tech flops of the past decade
 מנכ"ל גרופ DSP עופר אליקים

DSP’s Chips Help Alexa Home In on Your Voice

26.08.19|Hezi Sternlicht
DSP has had to reinvent itself several times since its 1994 Nasdaq IPO, but today the company’s advanced voice recognition chips are installed in devices used by Amazon, Samsung, Google, Baidu, and Alibaba
הדמיה של פרויקט עזריאלי טאון

Samsung Leases 9,000 Square Meters in Tel Aviv’s Azrieli Town Building

22.08.19|Meir Orbach
The South Korean conglomerate leased six floors of the building to accommodate the planned expansion of its research and development division in Israel
סמסונג לוגו Samsung logo

Samsung Closes Israeli Accelerator After Four Years

25.06.19|Meir Orbach
Samsung Runway started operating in 2015, offering local startups the opportunity to partner with the South Korean electronics giant in their early stages, as well as a $50,000 no-equity grant and mentorship
רותי אדר סמסונג אלקטרוניקס כנס משקיעים 2019

Venture Capital Is a People Business, Says Samsung Investment Director

18.06.19|Tofi Stoler
Rutie Adar, a director at Samsung, spoke at a panel Tuesday with Intel Capital investment director Yair Shoham and Justine Zwerling, head of primary markets Israel at the London Stock Exchange, as part of Calcalist’s investor event in Tel Aviv
אסף עצמון Harman

Harman Appoints New VP of Automotive Cybersecurity

26.05.19|Adi Pick
Samsung's connected car and audio technology subsidiary has appointed Asaf Atzmon, previously the company’s senior director of business development and marketing
מימין לשמאל: גרגורי קובאקס דדה גולדשמידט שאנקאר צ׳נדרן ליפ-בו טאן ו רותי אדר

In 2018, A Quarter of the Companies Samsung Catalyst Invested in Were Israeli Startups

Samsung's multi-stage venture fund invested $300 million in total in 2018, according to Samsung Catalyst head Shankar Chandran