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ועידת התחזיות 31.12.19 אהרון אהרון מנכ"ל רשות החדשנות

69% of startups say R&D is down, IIA and IATI survey paints grim pictures for Israeli tech

23.07.20|James Spiro
The survey from July 2020 better shows some of Covid-19’s impact on the tech sector
מכללה סטודנטים לימודי תואר

Survey: Covid-19 crisis has led to dramatic rise in demand for engineering studies

The survey was conducted to coincide with the 5th Afeka Conference for the Development of a National Human Capital Strategy in Engineering that will take place online on July 20
שלט חנות סגורה

Immediate Threat: 80 Small Tech Companies in Danger of Closing Within Three Months

31.05.20|Meir Orbach
A survey conducted among 414 companies by the Israel Innovation Authority and IATI indicates that investors have stopped fundraising processes and that sales of a quarter of the companies have fallen by more than half since the Covid-19 outbreak
נגיף קורונה חברות תעופה חיטוי טיסות 2

Survey: 73% of Business Travelers Would be Willing to Pay More for Strict Hygiene Restrictions

24.05.20|Adi Pick
Tel Aviv-based Arbitrip operates an online services for companies to book hotel rooms for their employees
עו"ד ליאור אבירם שותף מנהל בשבלת

Israeli Tech Industry will Miss Good Old Days of 2019, Survey says

14.05.20|Meir Orbach
The rate of companies that raised in early rounds rose to about 38% according to the survey held by Israeli law firm Shibolet & Co. in collaboration with Fenwick & West LLP
עובדות חרדיות תחום הייטק

Majority of Israeli Women in Tech Are Not Actually Involved in Tech, New Survey Shows

09.03.20|Maayan Manela
According to the survey, which questioned 250 women, 68% of female startup workers in Israel do not occupy technological positions; more than 40% have experienced pay discrimination due to their gender
קלפיות קלפי בחירות

Israelis Banking on Third Election to End Political Limbo

02.03.20|Lilach Baumer
After elections in April and September 2019 ended in a standstill, Monday’s election might finally see a coalition form, in all likelihood, with current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the helm
עובדים משרד מחשבים אופן ספייס

U.K. Office Workers Are Less Happy Than Counterparts Around the World, Survey Shows

16.02.20|Maayan Manela
A new survey released by coworking real estate company MindSpace shows just 76% of U.K. workers said they were happy or very happy with their jobs, compared to an average of 84% among seven countries surveyed
עבודה מהבית עבודה מרחוק

Israeli Freelancers Earn Double Their Global Counterparts, New Data Shows

10.02.20|Maayan Manela
Online payment company Payoneer released on Wednesday its annual freelance income report, which is based on a survey of more than 7,000 freelance workers in 150 countries
בית חכם 22.1.20

Over 25% of Israeli Homes Are Smart Homes, Report Says

22.01.20|Avior Abou
Israel’s largest telecom Bezeq released its annual internet usage report on Tuesday
תל אביב תיירות חוף Tel Aviv Tourism Tourists Beach

Over 4 Million Tourists Spent Nearly $6 Billion in Israel in 2018

According to a 15,000 tourists survey published by the Israel Ministry of Tourism, Jerusalem was the location most frequented by visitors, attracting 77.5% of all tourists in the country
מעבדה של בוש

Israelis Registered Fewer Patents, Scientific Discoveries in 2017

27.08.18|Meir Orbach
According to a new report by Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, the number of newly registered patents in 2017 was down 5% compared with the year before. Registered scientific discoveries were down 19%
מוסף מנהלים 31.12.19 נשים חרדיות במרכז מטריקס במודיעין עילית

Only 4% of Employed Haredi Women in Israel Work in Tech

03.05.18|Shahar Ilan
Technology is Israel’s star industry, but Haredi women—and men—find it hard to nab lucrative jobs
מרב לייפר מנכלית see.V

Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning and DevOps Are the Top 2018 Trends for Israeli Tech

27.03.18|Tofi Stoler
According to data gathered by Israel-based tech placement company see.V, salaries in the sector amount to nearly three times the national average
רובוטים רובוט מנקה שואב אוטומטי איירובוט איי רובוט

Israeli Techies to Get iRobots, Portable Espresso Machines for Passover

19.03.18|Maayan Manela
Passover is right around the corner, and employees throughout Israel are expecting to get their holiday gifts, a local equivalent of Christmas bonuses