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ענת גרוס שון מנכ"לית חטיבת החלב תנובה

Israeli foodtech leading the way in alternative protein innovation

02.10.23|Maya Nahum Shachal
Ahead of the final of Calcalist and Tnuva Ventures' 2023 FoodTech competition, we discussed industry trends with Anat Gross-Shon, CEO of the dairy division at Tnuva
שי כהן מנהל החדשנות וקרן ההשקעות של הקבוצה ו פנינה סברדלוב מנהלת המו"פ של קבוצת תנובה

"Global food security depends on the development of alternative proteins"

12.09.23|Maya Nahum Shahal
FoodTech 2023, a competition sponsored by Calcalist and Tnuva Ventures, seeks game-changing developments for the food industry

Tnuva building industrial cultured meat manufacturing facility

02.03.23|Shani Ashkenazi
Israeli company Plurinuva, which is rebranding under the name Ever After Foods and is owned by Tnuva and Pluristem, is building the plant that is meant to lead to lower production prices, one of the main barriers currently holding back the industry
מנכ"ל תנובה שי מליס וסמנכ"ל החדשנות בתנובה אייל כהן

"The global food crisis requires us to accelerate investments in foodtech"

According to Tnuva CEO Eyal Malis, it won’t be long before we encounter food products that will greatly challenge the way we perceive food today
ישראל היא מעצמת פודטק פורצת דרך

From meat manufactured from tobacco to natural egg substitutes: FoodTech competition final all set

31.10.22|Elihay Vidal
The six startups to have reached the final of Tnuva and Calcalist's competition include BioBetter, Eggmented Reality, E-FISHient Protein, Exosomm, Meala Foodtech, and Watersight
ישראל היא מעצמת פודטק פורצת דרך

From cultured fish to fermented protein: Calcalist and Tnuva's FoodTech competition reaches the semifinal stage

20.10.22|Elihay Vidal
The 20 semifinalists of the FoodTech 2022 competition are attempting to find technological solutions to the problems of the global food market
מפעל טרה בנתיבות

Land of milk & money: Tara will market Remilk's cultured milk within a year

28.06.22|Golan Hazani
As part of the innovation center set up by Tara’s parent company, the Central Bottling Company, an agreement was signed according to which Remilk will produce the protein, and Tara will use it for its products. Tnuva is a major investor in Remilk
מימין יו"ר תנובה חיים גבריאלי ומנהלת אגף המו"פ והפרויקטים בתנובה פנינה סברדלוב

Tnuva expanding its activities in the alternative meat and fish sectors

21.06.22|Nurit Kadosh
Following its success with alternative milk products, the company has launched an R&D center for alternative protein products
Alla Voldman Rantzer

Cultivated meat consortium receives $18 million grant from Israel Innovation Authority

The consortium of 14 companies and 10 academic labs aims to develop more efficient, cost-competitive production methods and pilot scale-up opportunities that are aligned with the food industry of cultivated meat
יו”ר תנובה חיים גבריאלי מפעל תנובה

Tnuva launches foodtech VC fund

27.02.22|James Spiro
Tnuva NEXT will conduct 2-3 investments each year either in the incubator or to support post-Seed and Series A rounds
יו”ר תנובה חיים גבריאלי מפעל תנובה

Tnuva doubles down on protein substitutes ahead of IPO

12.01.22|Nurit Kadosh
The food manufacturer understands that in order to stay relevant it needs to increase its investment in cultured food products
מאיה דנינו עם התחליף לחלב

Animal-free dairy startup Remilk raises $120 million Series B at $325 million valuation

04.01.22|Nurit Kadosh
The Israeli company, which has developed a method of producing animal-free dairy products through microbial fermentation, has seen its valuation surge tenfold in just one year
מקרר גבינות גבינה צהובות ו מוצרי חלב חברת תנובה

Tnuva preparing for IPO: Hires Meitar Office to lead prospectus process

02.12.21|Golan Hazani
The company's management, which also met several underwriters, is in a race against time towards the IPO that is planned for May - June 2022. This is while shareholders, Bright Food and the Kibbutzim, have not yet reached a compromise regarding the volume of shares to be sold
מחלבת תל יוסף ה חדשה של תנובה

Israel’s Tnuva chooses DXC Technology in $40 million contract for its supply chains

24.10.21|James Spiro
The deal makes it one of the largest ever commercial IT implementation contracts to be signed by an Israeli company
גמר פודטק – הכרזת הזוכים וידאו

Cultured meat takes center stage at Calcalist and Tnuva FoodTech 2021 competition

19.10.21|Maayan Manela
First place winner, ProFuse Technology, and second place Alfred’s Food-Tech both operate in the cultured meat field. “Israel is becoming a powerhouse in the field of foodtech and agrotech,” said Tnuva CEO