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מתוך מבצע מגן צפוני פעולות צה"ל בגבול לבנון באיזור מטולה

More Hezbollah Hideout Tunnels Running Within Lebanon, According to Israeli Military

10.12.18|Adi Pick
The Israeli military has briefed the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon forces (UNIFIL) about the whereabouts of at least one such tunnel and requested that the matter will be investigated
צוק איתן מלחמה צנחנים רצועת עזה מנהרות

Classified Anti-Tunnel System Earns Developers Israel’s Top Military Award

A system for the detection of underground Hamas tunneling received the Israel Defense Prize
צוק איתן מלחמה צנחנים רצועת עזה מנהרות

Israel Has No Iron Dome Against Tunnels

21.01.18|Amir Rapaport, Israel Defense
Despite massive investments, technologies capable of giving operators a clear view of underground tunnels are still not in existence
צוק איתן מלחמה צנחנים רצועת עזה מנהרות

To Battle Underground Hamas Tunneling, Israel Is Operating a Clandestine Lab Near the Gaza Border

02.11.17|Amarelle Wenkert
Geologists are working alongside intelligence officers in a lab dedicated to detecting Hamas tunnelers before they cross over to Israel