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CTech TechTLV Conference Tagil Yaniv

“The UK government really believes in the partnership with Israel”

22.01.24|James Spiro
Tagil Yaniv, Strategic Partnerships and Critical Tech Lead at The UK Israel Tech Hub, spoke about the Israel-UK relationship amid war and an election year.
HMA Neil Wigan Embassy

UK Ambassador: “I don't think anyone comes to Israel and is not convinced that technology is the future”

15.05.23|James Spiro
Outgoing UK Ambassador to Israel Neil Wigan spoke to CTech about his time at the post and some of the lessons he’s learned along the way
UK Israel Tech Hub Herzog

Startups and entrepreneurs connect for the UK-Israel Collaborative R&D Call

26.07.22|James Spiro
Led by Innovate UK and the Israel Innovation Authority, startups from both countries can together apply for up to 50% financing of a collaboration project
UK Israel Health Gateway

UK government opens gateway for Israeli tech companies interested in the NHS

12.05.22|James Spiro
The UK-Israel Tech Gateway program will open channels for collaborations and adaptation of Israeli healthcare tech for UK citizens
ועידת Mind The Tech לונדון Idan Fisher Ctech

“There are numerous examples of Israeli tech operating in the NHS and saving lives and money”

“We have an interest to increase the stickiness and improve the ties between the UK and Israel because our goal is to get companies more integrated in the UK economy and expand in the UK,” explained Idan Fisher, Director of the UK Israel Tech Hub
ועידת Mind The Tech לונדון Elinor Honigstein Ctech

"Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of digital innovation"

Elinor Honigstein, Head of the UK Office at UK Israel Tech Hub, is hopeful more VCs will place a focus on investing in female entrepreneurs
UK Israel

British Embassy in Israel launches new VC club

05.05.21|James Spiro
Currently, UK investment only accounts for 3% of Israeli startup funding, compared to 35% from the US
דונה חאג' UK Israel Tech Hub

Mapping the EdTech Landscape in the Time of Coronavirus

05.05.20|Allon Sinai
The UK Israel Tech Hub, in collaboration with leading UK and Israeli EdTech players, is curating an interactive EdTech Startup Map to showcase solutions to challenges in education as a result of Covid-19
בריאות דיגיטלית מדעי החיים רפואה טיפול 1

4 Tips for Israeli Entrepreneurs Looking to Break Into the Healthcare Industry

20.12.19|Samuel Cronin
Stop focusing on the digital—startups need to tackle the challenges of digital health the same way they would all other challenges in healthcare, writes Samuel Cronin, head of healthcare innovation at the UK Israel Tech Hub
משרד דויטשה בנק לונדון

UK Israel Tech Hub Launches 2020 Program With a Focus on Healthcare

13.11.19|Elham Nasser Eddin
The U.K. could benefit from Israel's medical technology capabilities, British Ambassador to Israel, Neil Wigan, said at the program's launch event in Tel Aviv