When will people start settling on other planets and will Taboola be worth $10 billion?

CTech Daily Roundup: Israel’s Yad Vashem commemorates Holocaust victims with IRemember Wall

CTech 22:2026.01.21
“In 10 years we’ll see people start settling on other planets,” says SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell. Leading space experts speak during an all-female panel at the Ramon Spacetech Conference sponsored by Calcalist about their hopes for the growing space tech industry in Israel and abroad. Read more


“Spacetech is a $500 billion industry,” says head of Ramon Foundation. Ran Livne, head of the foundation, believes that the spacetech industry will triple over the next decade, as satellite companies plan to connect three billion people to the internet. Read more  
The Axiom Space Station. Photo: Axiom Space The Axiom Space Station. Photo: Axiom Space


“Israel is paving the way for private-public partnerships in space.” Panelists discuss the challenges and opportunities of private spaceflight during Israel Space Week. Read more


Israel’s Yad Vashem commemorates Holocaust victims with IRemember Wall. The initiative allows people to participate in an online commemorative marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Read more


Israel’s Run:AI completes a $30 million series B. Run:AI has developed an orchestration and virtualization software layer tailored to the unique needs of AI workloads running on GPUs and similar chipsets. Read more


“In the not too distant future, Taboola will be worth $10 billion.” Taboola CEO Adam Singolda and ION CEO Gilad Shany share their thoughts on carrying out the first fully Israeli SPAC. Read more


India's Reliance Group acquires millions of Covid-19 breath tests in $15 million deal with Israel’s Breath Of Health. B.O.H developed a breath test system that identifies Covid-19 at a success rate of over 95%. Read more


Kardome wins the Reinhold Cohn Startup Competition with its better ‘ears’ for robots. 2nd and 3rd place winners in the 2021 Reinhold Cohn Startup Competition, in collaboration with Calcalist, are TuneFork and PicUp. Read more


Israeli startup Beamr wins Tech Emmy for video compression device. Beamr joins Israeli sound startups SoundRadix and Valens who won the prize in recent years. “Winning will help us gain worldwide exposure during a time when video is the heart of online activity,” says CTO. Read more  


Analysis | New kids on the block displacing Wall Street old timers as social media influence grows. Young investors, with their growing volume in trading, especially in tech and cleantech shares, are approaching a critical mass and are beginning to disrupt the old order. Read more


Mercedes Benz invites Israelis to take part in its In-Car Coding Community for new apps. Through the company's R&D center in Tel Aviv, the car manufacturer has invited Israeli developers to participate in the international competition to offer innovative ideas. Read more  


Israeli biopharma startup Omnix Medical awarded €10.8 million from EU to fight drug-resistant bacteria. The novel agents developed by Omnix are designed as an alternative to classical antibiotics. Read more


HR Post Covid | “We are more connected than ever” after Covid-19, says Centrical HR head. Even with the pivot to online and remote work, members of the employee-centric platform felt more connected than ever, says Ella Davidson. Read more  


Opinion | Why and how should CSPs engage the enterprise market? Enabling and supporting enterprises in their digital journey represents an important opportunity for revenue growth for the service providers, argues Alon Berman. Read more