VC meetings.

2022 VC Survey
CTech’s comprehensive VC survey for 2022

The massive project with dozens of venture capital investors analyzes the past year, looks ahead to the trends of 2023, and highlights the startups to keep an eye on in the upcoming year

The year 2020 will go down in Israeli high-tech history books as the year in which the industry surged ahead despite the Covid-19 pandemic, while 2021 will be remembered as the year of the unicorns and valuation records. But how will 2022 be remembered in the venture capital investment sector?
In order to answer this question, and mainly to look ahead to 2023, CTech approached dozens of Israeli VC investors and asked them to characterize the past year and analyze the events of recent months, while highlighting the important trends which they believe will shape Israeli high-tech in 2023.
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הייטק ישיבה לחיצת ידיים פטנטים
הייטק ישיבה לחיצת ידיים פטנטים
VC meetings.
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It was a "transition year" according to Nimrod Cohen of TAU Ventures, with Yael Alroy from Viola Ventures labeling it as "the year the bubble burst". Ben Wiener from Jumpspeed Ventures described 2022 as a "return to reality", while Grove Ventures’ Renana Askenazi said it was the year of going "back to normal" in her answers to CTech’s questions.
Yair Vardi from Fusion chose the term the “wake up call” year, OurCrowd Jon Medved said it was the year of "holding new ground", and Qumra Capital partners said in response to CTech’s survey that 2022 was "the year of rationalization”.
These answers are only the tip of the iceberg of the variety of insights presented by many more senior venture capital fund executives in the dozens of interviews that CTech will publish in the coming weeks.
In addition, we asked the VC investors: who did they believe were the big winners and losers of 2022? How will the global economic trends affect the local tech sector? What will be of the new unicorns and will they be joined by an additional herd? And how will the HR market respond to the extreme shift in demand?

In order to provide a fuller picture of Israeli high-tech as a whole, we also asked each of the funds to shine a light on some of the notable startups to have joined their portfolio over the past year. Each investor selected three of their most significant investments in 2022 and also explained the thinking behind the investment in these companies. With this, we succeeded in creating a snapshot of dozens of startups that are currently garnering great interest from investors. What sectors they are active in, what markets are they targeting, who are their founders, what products and services are they developing, and why investors are convinced of the success of these entrepreneurs and the startups they founded.
The combination of the insights from VCs and the spotlight on young and promising startups creates a fascinating picture of the Israeli high-tech scene entering the new year. The surprising answers to all of these questions will be revealed starting from mid-November on a daily basis on CTech - the gateway to Israeli tech.