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Phoenix Arizona

Arizona and Israel face similar challenges, strengthening ties between both states

21.08.23|James Spiro
High heat and a thirst for innovation bring the two regions closer than ever
NOTRAFFIC הייטקיסט 2

First-ever AI-based autonomous traffic management platform unveiled in Phoenix, Arizona, thanks to Israeli-founded company

17.08.20|James Spiro
NoTraffic uses its AI to optimize traffic management systems and improve traffic flow in urban areas

Tech alliance urges Israeli companies to look to Arizona as a gateway into the U.S. market

08.07.20|James Spiro
For many Israeli companies, The Grand Canyon State offers room for innovation and an open invitation to collaborate with locals
איירובוטיקס רחפן נמל חיפה

Israeli Drone Maker Airobotics Sets Up Shop in Arizona

27.09.18|Tofi Stoler
The company has opened a new Americas headquarters in Scottsdale and intends to hire a team of 80 people
רכב אוטונומי של אובר לאחר התאונה שלקחה את חייה של אשה

Accidents Like Uber's Could Hurt Already Fragile Trust in Autonomous Cars, Says Mobileye CEO

27.03.18|Lilach Baumer
In an Intel newsroom post, Amnon Shashua said that despite the poor quality of the video used, Mobileye's software identified the pedestrian a full second before impact