20 stories about DevOps
Port co-founders

Port raises $7 million to build an internal developer portal

The Israeli startup’s platform allows engineering teams to create a portal that provides a product-like user experience for developers, abstracting away environments, cloud resources and devops processes
Kubiya Founders

Kubiya raises $6 million in Seed for conversational AI assistants in DevOps

18.10.22|James Spiro
The company’s conversational AI tool helps organizational users with a self-serving option that allows them to express intent in natural language and have the virtual assistant take action by automating simpler tasks
Yvonne Wassenaar JFrog

JFrog appoints Yvonne Wassenaar to its Board of Directors

06.10.22|James Spiro
Across her career, Wassenaar, who will be the fifth woman among the company’s 11 board members, has helped drive profitability and business impact across a variety of industries
JFrog CEO Shlomi Ben-Haim

JFrog launches new DevOps innovation program for early-stage companies

The new program is seeking early-stage startups that have raised up to $1 million in funding, have 10 employees or less, and is designed to offer mentoring, design partnerships, and funds for emerging cybersecurity, IoT, and non-profit organizations
שלומי בן חיים מנכ"ל ג'ייפרוג

“Israel has gone from being ‘the startup nation’ to ‘a party nation’, and I’m ashamed”

17.04.22|Sophie Shulman
"A lot of money has been poured into local high-tech, reaching corruption levels" • "Some of the CEOs are children who have no sense of responsibility" • JFrog CEO Shlomi Ben Haim takes off the gloves
Lightlytics founders

Lightlytics secures $26 million Series A to help DevOps teams operate cloud infrastructure

22.03.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup’s platform creates a real-time simulated model of the production environments across the entire cloud-native stack that simulates all configuration changes
Aviran Wix

“DevOps is a culture, it's not a job description”

20.03.22|James Spiro
Aviran Mordo, Wix’s VP of Engineering, talks about the dev-centric culture it fosters for its 1,200 engineers
צוות בלינק

Blink raises $26 million in Seed funding for cloud tools platform

09.03.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup’s platform helps cloud operations teams build workflows to automate everyday DevOps and SecOps tasks
מימין יואב לנדמן אסף קרס ו פרד סיימון ג'ייפרוג JFrog

What will 2022 bring in the DevOps world?

12.12.21|Fred Simon, Yoav Landman, and Asaf Karas
JFrog’s Chief Data Scientist, CTO and CTO Security give their predictions for the upcoming year for their ever evolving sector
מייסדים Upswift

JFrog acquires Upswift in all-Israeli deal

The Israeli startup has developed a device management platform for Linux and IoT and JFrog believes it will help it to bridge the gap between current IoT software silos and common DevOps processes
שגיא דודאי

JFrog appoints Sagi Dudai as EVP of Product and Engineering

The seasoned technology leader will fuel the company's global R&D, continued growth, and spearhead accelerated DevOps innovation
אביב קרבל Amiti

What can we learn from the tech trends of the past year?

28.07.21| Aviv Kerbel
FinOps, ML Operations, DevOps Automation and Zoom have all shined over recent months, but finding convincing solutions is far from straightforward, writes Aviv Kerbel of Amiti Ventures
Apolicy Team

Sysdig set to acquire Israel’s Apolicy for infrastructure-as-code security

20.07.21|James Spiro
The announcement comes following Sysdig’s $188 million funding in April
שלומי בן חיים מייסד מנכ"ל JFrog הנפקה

JFrog acquires Vdoo for $300 million in all-Israeli deal

One of the biggest deals ever between two Israeli companies will see Vdoo help accelerate JFrog’s vision of becoming the company behind all software updates and creating a world of Liquid Software
Guy Lachmann pearl cohen

Experts discuss Israeli and Japanese partnership at DevOps conference

03.05.21|James Spiro
Speaking at a conference hosted by Pearl Cohen law firm, leaders from JFrog, SOMPO Digital Lab, and Grove Ventures shared their insights

Apiiro appoints new CRO to accelerate growth and expand global sales

The Israeli software company, which designs a code-risk platform, appointed David French as Chief Revenue Officer to enter its next stage of growth
אילן פלג ו ליאוניד בלובשטיין צוות לייטרן LightRun

Lightrun launches free debugger for developer-native observability

06.04.21|James Spiro
Lightrun Cloud gives Java community the power of “shift left” observability into running production code, simplifying debugging with a simple IDE plugin and native CLI
אילן פלג מנכ"ל Lightrun

The startup that began on a bus ride is revolutionizing the debugging industry

14.03.21|Allon Sinai
Lightrun’s technology is used to improve companies’ development ecosystem and allows programmers to gather data on live applications and debug the code in real time
מימין בנימין הירשברג שאולי רוזן ו לאוניד סנדלר מייסדי ארמו

ARMO emerges from stealth with $4.5 million seed for cloud-native workloads solution

The Israeli startup aims to add visibility, control and security for DevOps in cloud-native environments