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יוני בלוך Yoni Bloch Eko

Start me up nation: The connection between music and high-tech

30.05.22|Maya Nahum Shaha
In a growing phenomenon in recent years, musicians are making the transition to high-tech - but can they find harmony between music and tech?
אלעד גולדנברג

Eko appoints Elad Goldenberg as General Manager of its e-commerce division

Goldenberg previously managed eBay’s commercial operations in Israel and co-founded Reptile, another e-commerce startup whose operations will be integrated into eko
יוני בלוך Yoni Bloch Eko

“I’m betting my life on it”: Yoni Bloch’s vision for the future of video

31.01.21|James Spiro
With eko, viewers can experience choice-driven entertainment where their decisions directly impact the narrative of the stories they watch
מחשב נייד משפחה

9 Israeli tech startups transforming the world of infotainment

18.06.20|James Spiro
Israel has hundreds of startups dedicated to the media industry. CTech has compiled a list highlighting those making an impact in the infotainment space worldwide.
גיימינג גיימר גיימרים משחקי וידאו סטמפה

Top Israeli Startups 2020: Most Promising Entertainment and Media Companies

28.04.20|Meir Orbach and Hagar Ravet
Calcalist and CTech are highlighting the top Israeli startups that are working to keep the world entertained amid the Covid-19 crisis
מוסף 50 הסטארטאפים המבטיחים עובדי Next Insurance נקסט

Calcalist's Top 50 Startups 2019: #18-#25

08.05.19|Hagar Ravet and Meir Orbach
Optimizing client communication, choosing your own adventure, and making public transportation more efficient
טל זובלסקי מייסד משותף Eko ועידת ניו יורק 2019

Eko Wants to Take Video to the Next, Interactive Level, Says Co-Founder

16.04.19|Adi Barak
Tal Zubalsky, Eko's co-founder and chief product officer, spoke at Calcalist’s Mind the Tech conference in New York Thursday
מנכ"ל וולמארט דאג מקמילון

Walmart CEO Arrives in Israel for Visit

28.03.19|Meir Orbach
In February, Walmart announced it acquired Tel Aviv-based product review insight company Aspectiva
מוסף שבועי 18.10.18 יוני בלוך זמר ו סטארטאפיסט ב ברוקלין

What Walmart’s New Content Initiative Means for Interactive Videos

21.10.18|Keren Tsuriel Harari
Last week, Walmart announced a joint interactive video venture, partnering with Eko, the company behind the critically acclaimed music video for Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone”
ועידת ניו יורק MIND OF TECH יוני בלוך

Walmart Partners with Israeli Musician Yoni Bloch's Eko to Launch Joint Video Venture

11.10.18|Keren Tsuriel Harari
The companies will develop original interactive content "from cooking shows to interactive toy catalogues," intended to attract retail consumers
ועידת לונדון איזי וידרה antidote

A Spotlight on Israeli AdTech

29.06.18|Eze Vidra
AdTech has become a bit of a dirty word for venture capitalists, but Israel is still an advertising innovation hub, despite the challenges and limited funding