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autodesk team

Autodesk Israel donates and encourages; Grow makes sure the donations reach destination

19.10.23|Tech On Duty in collaboration with Poalim Tech
The high-tech community continues to initiate support for the victims of the terrorist attack on Israel. While many companies donate money, others make use of their unique resources
CTech Mind The Tech London Michael Reitblat

Forter CEO: "When the economy slows down, fraud goes up"

Michael Reitblat, co-founder & CEO of e-commerce fraud prevention company Forter, spoke with CTech at the Mind the Tech conference in London.
Ctech Work After Work Michael Reitblat

“The 2020 crisis prepared us for this year”

01.01.23|Noa Gadot
"We have seen a lot of companies adapt to change and there will be ups and downs. There is a lot of good that happened this year and we will see more innovation happening next year," added Michael Reitblat, CEO and Co-Founder at Forter
Work After Work מיכאל רייטבלט מייסד שותף מנכל Forter חמוטל מרידור שותפה בקרן וינטג בשיחה עם סופי שולמן

“Many companies will close, if not this year, then in two years”

01.01.23|Irad Atzmon Schmayer
“Technology is not going anywhere and is only claiming a bigger part of our world. In the long run, it makes a lot of sense to invest in the good venture capital funds,” added Hamutal Meridor of Vintage Investment Partners
עובדים בחברת אוטודסק

The next work perk: Will Israeli high-tech move to a shortened work week?

21.02.22|Ma'ayan Manela
Sage's development center in Israel will begin a pilot where they will work Monday through Thursday, will others follow suit?
 ועידת ניו יורק  ג'ון קרטיס שותף בקרן טייגר גלובל מיכאל רייטבלט מייסד ומנכ"ל פורטר

“Over time, Israel will start and feel more like Silicon Valley”

John Curtius, a Partner at Tiger Global, was speaking at Mind the Tech NY 2021 with Forter CEO Michael Reitblat, who said “it is ​​all about execution, about how we build our team”
מימין: מיכאל רייטבלט ו לירון דמרי מייסדי פורטר

"An Israeli company can reach not only a $20 or $50 billion valuation but also $100 billion”

28.09.21|Sophie Shulman
Michael Reitblat and Liron Damri met at 15 and today their fraud prevention company is rapidly growing and is valued at $3 billion
מיכאל רייטבלט לירון דמרי חברת פורטר Forter

Forter raises $300 million at $3 billion valuation

25.05.21|Meir Orbach
The announcement comes six months after the company completed its $125 million Series E round
כנס תשלומים 13.1.20 מיכאל רייטבלט מייסד משותף ומנכ"ל Forter

Forter joins the Adobe Exchange Partner program as an Accelerate partner

08.04.21|James Spiro
Forter has processed more than $200 billion in online transactions and protects almost one billion users from fraud
Noam Wakrat Forter

Forter’s ‘Appreciation Sundays’ initiative helps alleviate Covid-19 stress

How does a company with more than 270 employees in three time zones help each member with their wellbeing during a pandemic?
תעשייה אווירית מל"ט חדש  HERON MK II

Which Israeli company gained unicorn status and who raised $60 million?

CTech Daily Roundup: UAE views Israel as a strategic cybersecurity partner, says head of national cyber authority
עובדי חברת פורטר

Israel’s Forter gains unicorn status following $125 series E

19.11.20|Meir Orbach
The online fraud prevention company has doubled in size and revenues as the ecommerce world comes into its own
שליחים שליח שליחויות קטנוע קטנועים אופנוע אופנועים

Study: Covid-19 Drove Demand for Food Delivery, Increased Cases of Online Fraud

03.06.20|Orna Yefet
The study found that online fraud in the restaurant sector increased by 32% during the coronavirus lockdown
Logistics and e commerce

Top Israeli Startups 2020: Most Promising Logistics and E-Commerce Companies

28.04.20|Meir Orbach and Hagar Ravet
Calcalist and CTech are highlighting the top Israeli startups that are working to keep the world economy on the rails amid the Covid-19 crisis
כנס תשלומים 13.1.20 מיכאל רייטבלט מייסד משותף ומנכ"ל Forter

CTalk: Facial Recognition Can Be Used for Identity Theft, Says Forter CEO

Michael Reitblat, co-founder and CEO of payment fraud prevention company Forter, spoke to CTech reporter Adi Pick at Calcalist’s The Future of Money conference in Tel Aviv
סטארטאפ פורטר מימין לירון דמרי מיכאל רייטבלט ו אלון שמש

Payment Fraud Prevention Company Forter Raises $50 Million

26.09.18|Hagar Ravet
Forter supplies businesses with a service that marks incoming payments as credible or likely fraudulent