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Ronald Cohen Laura Lauder

The three forces driving the Impacttech revolution

07.12.21|James Spiro
Impacttech is everywhere - and Sir Ronald Cohen and Laura Lauder have some ideas on the main factors that are causing its latest boom
On the threshold of the Impact revolution

The Impact Revolution: From sustainable development goals to tech solutions

22.11.20|Start-Up Nation Central, a CTech partner
Can philanthropists and investors leverage this unique economic moment in history as an opportunity for impact?
מימין אמילי רייכרט ססיל בליליוס יואל חשין רועי צזנה

Sustainability and technology: The environmental crisis as an opportunity for impact investments

On Day 3 of Calcalist and ESIL's "Sustainability and Innovation Week" experts discuss opportunities for green investments
אניה ולדן רשות החדשנות ועידת קיימות

Israel’s tech industry is unaware of impact tech, says Israel Innovation Authority VP

06.09.20|Tomer Hadar
Anya Eldan who heads the startup division at the Israeli government investment arm spoke Sunday at Calcalist’s online conference on sustainability and innovation
 מאיר אוקלס ג'ק לוי גלן שוובר שותפים בקרן  ICV

You Cannot Make the World a Better Place at the Expense of Good Returns, Says Cleantech Investor

18.02.20|Hagar Ravet
Jack Levy, founding partner at Israel Cleantech Ventures, which rebranded as More earlier this week, told Calcalist he believes the biggest impact comes from profitable market leaders
קרחון צף גרינלנד איכות סביבה

The Right Climate for Investments With a Positive Impact

02.01.20|Eytan Stibbe
Eytan Stibbe, founding partner at impact investment fund Vital Capital, writes about how business leaders should be a force for positive change