20 stories about Innovation
ועידת התחזיות 2023 סוניה נסטסה מנכלית נספרסו ישראל וידאו

Nespresso Israel CEO: “Our recycled coffee grounds are being recycled into shoes”

28.12.22|Irad Atzmon Schmayer
Sonia Nastase said at Calcalist’s 2023 Forecasts Conference that the company has set up an innovative robotic logistics center which is now in a pilot to serve Tel Aviv and makes deliveries to customers within 90 minutes
ועידת Mind the Tech ניו יורק  אורית פרקש הכהן  שרת החדשנות, המדע והטכנולוגיה

Innovation Minister: “We must think big - and long term”

Addressing Calcalist’s Mind the Tech 2022 Conference in New York, Orit Farkash-Hacohen, Israel's Minister of Innovation, Science & Technology, stressed that although US-Israel bonds in innovation are strong, cooperation in the field must be improved
Noam Carbyne BiblioTech

CTech’s Book Review: A history of the innovators among us

21.07.22|Noam Fraenkel
Noam Fraenkel, VP R&D at Carbyne, shares insights after reading “The Innovators” by Walter Isaacson.
הוועידה הלאומית הכלכלית סם סלמאן יו"ר ושותף מייסד Huminn

"Let's champion what we can do here in Israel to scale things"

12.07.22|James Spiro
Sam Salman, Founder of Huminn, spoke at Calcalist’s National Economic Conference about some of the ways Israeli companies can scale up to become giants
Ronen BiblioTech

CTech’s Book Review: A closer look at disruptive innovation

28.06.22|Ronen Menipaz
Ronen Menipaz, Founder at M51 Entrepreneur Labs, Tech Investor, and Entrepreneur shares insights after reading “The Innovator's Dilemma” by Clayton Christensen
דרור בין מנכל רשות החדשנות

“The prophecies on the downfall of the high-tech industry are out of control,” says Innovation Authority CEO

30.05.22|Meir Orbach
“The industry doesn’t need saving,” says Dror Bin, the CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority who believes that local high-tech is strong enough to survive the oncoming crisis
Itai Margalit Salesforce איתי מרגלית סמנכ"ל מכירות סיילספורס

Salesforce exec sheds light on ‘Change Management’ theory

16.03.22|James Spiro
Itai Margalit joined CTech to discuss digital transformation and how companies can prepare for the future.
ארז שחר קרן קומרה שיחת ועידה בנקאות חדשה

When high-tech meets low-tech

02.03.22|Erez Shachar
Technology should be everywhere, yet some industries are lagging behind when it comes to adopting innovation
יונתן וינטרוב והחומוס ליד נאס"א

Food giant Strauss Group, Aviv Labs launch hummus-filled capsule to space

20.02.22|Yafit Ovadia
The Israeli corporation, which has supported numerous foodtech accelerators and startups, dished out a significant sum to send its chickpea plant experiment to space and encourage sustainable farming methods ahead of the next-Israeli astronaut’s March mission
סיטק פריפריה Uriel Perman

The Kinneret Innovation Center is ready to welcome city lovers through its doors

10.02.22|James Spiro
For CTech’s Out of the Bubble series, we become familiar with the Kinneret Innovation Center
פרומו סיטק פריפריה טבריה

“Out of the Bubble” - CTech is coming to hi-tech centers around Israel

06.02.22|Elihay Vidal
In a new series of events, CTech journalists will travel to tech centers throughout Israel to meet the entrepreneurs and the companies that are flourishing outside the country's center
אביטל לביצקי UK Israel Tech Hub

5 reasons why Israeli Fintech startups should capture the UK opportunity

06.02.22|Avital Levitzky
"The UK is home to some amazing opportunities for Fintech companies and one of the world’s leaders in evolving the Fintech global ecosystem having the frameworks and talent to run them," writes Avital Levitzky of the UK-Israel Tech Hub
כנס חדשנות ערן פולק

“Israeli Innovation has the power to fight both climate change and the global water crisis"

02.02.22|Ma'ayan Manela
Eran Pollak, co-founder and CEO of N-Drip, noted that "N-Drip's is introducing the revolution of precise irrigation based on Gravity alone the solution also includes an agricultural information and management system that uses precise sensors, an artificial intelligence system and a mathematical model"
ליאור חנוכה hiCenter Haifa

National Center for Innovation and Blue Economy to be established in Haifa

The City of Haifa, through hiCenter, has approved a NIS 10 million investment for the establishment of the new center
Jason Williamson Oracle for Startups

9 trends we’ll see happen next year in Israel and across the globe

30.12.21|Jason Williamson
"Israel is always top of mind when I do my annual predictions," writes Jason Williamson, VP at Oracle for Startups and Oracle for Research
Arnon Columbus InNegev

How to transform the Negev into an innovation and high-tech center

23.12.21|Arnon Columbus
For significant change to occur, we need to think big and use resources that have not been used in recent decades, writes InNegev CEO Arnon Columbus
זיו אבירם מייסד שותף מובילאיי ו אורקם

The innovation competition that could change the Middle East

02.12.21|Maayan Manela
The Aviram Family Foundation and Forbes have launched a first of its kind competition named the “Aviram Awards — Tech for Humanity” which is offering a first prize of $500,000. Registration closes next week